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SEP 16- SEP 24 2014

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Rats Invade, Torment Neighborhood in LaSalle

Niagara Falls - Thanks to Councilman Robert Anderson, who established a "rat hotline" for people living in the LaSalle neighborhood, the Niagara Falls Reporter got the opportunity to speak directly and subsequently

Veteran Reporter, Political Figure Tony Farina Joins Destino Campaign

In 1994, I took a brief break from my television broadcasting career to help Dennis Vacco pursue the state GOP nomination for attorney general. Even though I was a Democrat,

Gaming Industry Future Uncertain While City Pins Hopes on Comeback

An editorial in the New York Times last month and the recent decision by Moody's Investment Services to downgrade the future prospects of the gaming industry has some wondering whether or not the reliance

Competition Stiffens for Seneca Niagara As New Casinos Open Just About Everywhere

Since the Seneca Niagara Casino opened on New Year's Eve, 2002, the gaming industry as it pertains to Western New York has undergone significant changes. No fewer than 17 new casinos have been proposed,

Reporter Takes Readers on Casino Cash Tour as Dyster Takes City for Ride

Roll up, roll up for the magical casino cash mystery tour! Enjoy the ride and take in the view as the Niagara Falls Reporter takes you on a romantic, whirlwind tour demonstrating the wondrous ways the administration of Niagara Falls Mayor Paul

Dyster Fire Hall Rehab Burns up $500K in Casino Cash

The Dyster administration wants to gift the Isaiah 61 housing rehabilitation program with $500,000 in casino cash to rehabilitate the old, smallish and decrepit Highland Avenue fire hall for use as Isaiah 61 headquarters

Dyster's Casino Plan Makes Private Corps Rich While Doing Little for Residents

The current leadership of Niagara Falls must stop the free-for-all spending of the casino money. I was in total shock to see the Dyster Administration wanted to spend a half million dollars on the Highland Avenue fire hall.

End-of-Season Paving at City Hall Shows City has Money to Burn

(This writer has built public roads in Hamburg and Clarence and filled an acre-wide hole in downtown Niagara Falls and paved it for use as a parking lot.) Something is wrong. The City of Niagara Falls is paying $468,720 to repave the parking lot at city hall. At almost a half-million dollars for a 1.3-acre lot, it's a monstrous, a preposterous price.

Dyster Declares Zephyr Teachout 'Crazy' in Facebook Post

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster, posting on his Facebook page, claimed that Ms. Zephyr Teachout, the Democratic challenger to Andrew Cuomo in last week's primary, appeared to be "crazy" as she gave her concession speech.

Some Free Advice for Mayor, From the Reporter

The Reporter has often been accused of being long on criticism and short on suggestions. With that in mind we have put together a few sincere notions as

Man Wanted in Georgia for Rape, Arrested by Rainbow Bridge Customs Officers

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. –U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents on Monday announced the arrest of a rape suspect wanted in Georgia at the Rainbow Bridge. CBP officers working at the bridge

Army Corps Responds to Reporter
Story Spotlighting Regulatory Lapses

The Buffalo office of the US Army Corps of Engineers last week responded by email (see sidebar) to stories in this newspaper exposing an egregious violation of the federal Clean Water Act by New York State Parks and its contractor

Modern Disposal Services Celebrates Golden Anniversary with Open House

Modern Disposal Services will hold an Open House on Saturday (Sept. 20) welcoming the community to learn more about their landfill, recycling and greenhouse operations.

Human Feces a Hot Item for Niagara County Planning and Development?

Who can forget Charleton Heston, in the classic 1973 film "Soylent Green," screaming as he's led off to his own death, "Soylent Green is people!" He's referring to what, in the movie, is the most popular processed food in the world, the "soylent green" of the title.

Water Board Chief Threatens to Douse Hydrant Artwork

Only in Niagara Falls could something as mundane and humdrum as decoratively painting fire hydrants turn into a controversial "he said - he said" situation between the Niagara Falls Water Board and Community Development Director Seth Piccirillo.

Former FBI Agent in Charge of Environmental Crimes says Carbon Dioxide releases are not detrimental;
UN-funded 'science' a fraud on the American people

As a federal agent, I spent a career putting thieves, cheats, and con men in jail. Retired, now I can't keep quiet any more with what I see going on. I have to try and get my countrymen to open their eyes and ears to the cons around them.

What's So Funny About Third Street

Third Street: a government redevelopment zone made possible with taxpayer dollars solely for the benefit of Paul Dyster and his friends. Dyster said he's put his heart and soul into Third Street. That explains everything.

Letters to the Editor

Quasar Fight Continues Residents of Wheatfield (and other WNY communities) are currently fighting Quasar Energy.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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