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JAN 27 - FEB 03, 2015

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Lewiston Council Members Unanimously Enthusiastic about Growing Medical Marijuana in Town

All five Lewiston Council members, and Lewiston's State Assemblyman, say they fully support Lewiston Greenhouse LLC

Democrats Struggle to Replace Silver as Probe Continues

The U. S. attorney who filed charges against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver last week is still on the warpath

Upstate NY Adults More Likely to Smoke Than Rest of the Nation Study shows dumb, poor people smoke more than intelligent successful people

Cigarette smoking among upstate New Yorkers has declined since 2004, but smoking rates in upstate New York continue to be higher than state and national averages

Whether Innocent or Guilty, Sal Anello faces Shocking Sex Crime Charge

Salvatore A. Anello, arrested and accused last week of "forcible touching," is either a dirty old man who should be permanently

Caso to be Acting DPW?Director, Bradley Drops City Lawsuit But Will Racial Politics Rear its Head ?

Sources have said that John Caso will be named the Acting Director of the DPW following the retirement of DPW Director David Kinney this week.

Lewiston Supervisor to try to Set World Powerlift Record Sixty-three year old will compete at authorized Niagara Event

The Niagara Falls Reporter supports personal freedom.

Pit Bull Battle Continues Is Lazy Journalism Fueling the "Pit Bull Problem"?

Speaker Of The House of Representatives Honorable John Boehner United States Capital

Lewiston: As Koosterman Leaves, Will Brochey Seek Reelection?

Lewiston, NY - Paul Koosterman, Town Supervisor Dennis Brochey's handpicked finance director, is leaving his post to take a job in the private sector

Dirty Birds at City Hall or Much Ado About a Little Guano?

The white on City Hall's pillars are not snow. It's guano from pigeons that roost above.

City Hall Jokes!

... "If Tom Brady can take two pounds of air out of a football I can take two minutes out of speaker time."

Some Recent Deaths: In Case You Hadn't Heard

Kim Fowley: Music Producer known for collaborations with KISS, Alice Cooper, The Runaways and Beyonce, died at age 75 on Saturday.


As Parents Await Help for Their Children, Lewiston Company Has Healing Charlotte's Web and Seeks, Awaits NYS Approvals

The momentum to pass New York's Compassionate Care Act (signed into law July 5th, 2014) began in Feb-March of last year

How SWEET it is for Dyster's Brook D'Angelo

In the spring of last year Mayor Paul Dyster sprung a trash and recycling program on city residents

Will Walker Reveal his Campaign Finances During Anello Show? Maverick Councilman has not disclosed who donated and how he spent

Councilman Charles Walker, currently in his eighteenth year in office, has yet to file campaign finance reports that are now nearly two years overdue.

Taxpayers through NEA Fund Consensual-Girlfriend-Slapping Videogame

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), a tax-funded agency of the federal government, awarded a grant for a videogame designer about a Lesbian...

Hunter Interest - Another Skrlin Stunning Political Cartoon

With the dawning of the Dyster casino revenue cash windfall a veritable "turkey shoot"

Ponderosa is Where I go for a Delicious Seven Course Meal for Under $10 with Coupons in this Newspaper -- You Get Steak Too! .

"Something for every taste." That's what I say about the Ponderosa Steakhouse at 8612 Niagara Falls Blvd. in Niagara Falls.

Pit Bulls, Bred to be Aggressive Like Many of Their Owners

Dogs bite 4 to 5 million Americans every year. Few attacks are fatal. Unless it is a pit bull or a pit-bull cross.

All Signs Point to Brady as the Culprit in Deflate-Gate

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game but his legacy will surely be tainted by the ongoing scandal involving

Only in North Tonawanda

... Now that you have settled in, we, those you were elected (or appointed by others we elected) to serve, we would like to draw some needs to your attention:

Local Crime Blotter

Thief Steals Candy Bars Valued at $575.00 On January 17, Police responded to the 7-11 on Niagara Street in reference to a shoplifter.

Bizarre Crimes (From Around the Nation, World)

Council Chairman Touma wants to reduce the speaking time of residents at the council meetings from five minutes to three minutes.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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