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JULY 15- JULY 23, 2014

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How Should the Military Operation In Gaza Be Finished

Shortly the nations of the world will increase their efforts to bridge the gap between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization in order to bring about a cease-fire and to stop military maneuvers through political channels...

Maziarz's Surprise Decision Comes as Federal Probe Heats Up

A federal investigation into his campaign spending stemming from the findings by the governorís now defunct Moreland Commission on Public Corruption may have prompted powerful State Sen.

Maziarz Retirement Marks End of Era in Niagara County Politics

Itís the end of an era. Political allies and enemies alike are lining up to re-imagine a Niagara County without the presence of State Sen.

George and Me: Friends Were Made for Tough Times, No?

For the first time in this reporterís memory, New York State Sen. George Maziarz was unavailable for comment on Monday.

Forster Reflects on Downfall of Longtime Political Foe Maziarz

Niagara County Democratic Chairman Nick Forster told the Niagara Falls Reporter that, while he takes no pleasure from the downfall of State Sen

All Beer All the Time in Dyster-World

In the personal and political world of Paul Dyster all roads lead to beer.

Could Mayor’s Concert Promotion be beer-based?

It is hard to understand why Mayor Paul Dyster is fighting so hard to give public money to the Niagara Falls Blues Festival.

Big Brother In Your Garbage Cans? New Totes Have RFID Chips to Monitor Recycling

Last April 17, the Niagara Falls City Council approved Mayor Paul A

Garbage Police?

Don't be surprised if, after an awkward, horrific rollout, and an utterly failed plan, with garbage strewn in every alleyway and vacant lot in the city, Mayor Paul Dyster's new trash ordinance is amended to permit inspection of trash for people who fail to recycle.

What Kind of Green is Dyster's Garbage Plan?

We believe the question should be: asked: Is Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster's new garbage plan a revenue driven plan?

Trash-Talking Dyster Supporter Cops Top Garbage Job

The Niagara Falls Reporter has learned that Brook DíAngelo, the politically active ally of Mayor Paul Dyster, will be named as the cityís new chief trash inspector.

Niagara Falls Trash Ordinance: You Can't Get There From Here

Mayor Paul Dysterís administration has written a city ordinance concerning trash handling and recycling titled, ďNiagara Falls Refuse and Recycling Collection Program.Ē

Are Gypsies Staying Behind DPW Offices?

Some 45,000 new garbage totes were delivered to the DPW yard on New Road earlier this month via a half dozen Ryder tractor trailers out of Philadelphia.

When Socio-Economics are Factored NF Schools Ranks Competitively

There are those in the community who like to cite Business Firstís annual rankings of school districts and speak unfavorably about Niagara Fallsí low standing.

Hamister's Hyatt Place Still Not a Done Deal

The public will have to wait at least a few more weeks to get a look at the final plans for the much-hyped, highly subsidized Hamister hotel project on Rainbow Blvd. in Niagara Falls.

Niagara Experience Center Casualty of Putt-Putt Mentality

"Governor Cuomo Launches Development Competition to Revitalize Downtown Niagara Falls" announced an Albany press release of October 3, 2013.

Mission Accomplished: Dyster Awards $150K to Nonprofit

At its July 7 meeting, the Niagara Falls City Council approved by a 3-2 vote a request from Mayor Paul Dyster to award $150,000 in casino funds to Community Missions of the Niagara Frontier, Inc.

Gospel Festival Will Cruise Intersection of Faith and Health

Popular gospel musicians from across Western New York will come together Saturday (July 19) to celebrate faith and good health at the eighth annual Good News Gospel Festival and Health Fair.

Marra Confirms July 21 Date To Ask Board to Investigate Janese Explains How Joe Davis Parking Lot will be Tested

In previous editions, this publication reported on the failure of recently paved parking lots at Joseph Davis State Park.

Community Missions Budget Crunch A Perfect Storm of Bad Financial Luck

A $400,000 tax judgment combined with a Workers Compensation claim of $531,000 amounted to a double dose of trouble for one of the cityís oldest charities, and a change in the way the state handles its payments for mental health services pushed the financial picture at Community Missions of Greater Niagara Inc. to the breaking point.

Pushback from Police Union on Barracks Blowup
Out-of-Town Official Knows What's Best for our Waterfront

According to Manuel Vilar, president of the Police Benevolent Association of New York State, the Long Island-based union that represents State Parks Police officers, construction of new barracks on the edge of the scenic Niagara Gorge should recommence at that location without delay.

Letters to the Editor
Megadeth fans sound off.

Cut Tree at Park Brings Mucho $$ Interesting article about the cutting of trees at the Niagara Falls State Park.

Megadeth Jokes or We are so sorry Megadeth Fans

Our critique of Megadeth, which is playing Artpark tonight, apparently caused some commotion over the past week.

More Cheap Laughs With Dyster Beer Jokes

Thereís no truth to the rumor that Dyster replaced his office water cooler with Heineken. Itís Corona.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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