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DEC 16 - DEC 24, 2014

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Bureaucratic Indifference, New York Style Contributes to Little Girl's Suffering, Death

To say that 8-year-old Donella Nocera -- who died last week at Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo following a year-long battle with brain cancer – was a victim at every level of New York's nanny state bureaucracy would be an understatement.

Studies Show Marijuana May Help Cure Cancer

Arjun Walia, writing for, compiled a list of 20 studies that suggest marijuana may be of vital use to cancer sufferers. Sufferers might want to investigate these studies to determine if marijuana is the right medicine for them. Here is Walia's list:

Peaceful Falls Protest in Support of Criminals Does Society no Good

Last week in Niagara Falls, Niagara County Legislator Owen Steed helped organize a demonstration called "Hands Up, Don't Shoot," one of many protests organized around the country following a grand jury's failure to indict Ferguson

John Kane True Champion of Native Sovereignty

John Kane is a familiar name and face when it comes to Native issues, not only locally but across the state and the nation. While he is often regarded in Western New York as a leading voice of the Seneca Nation, in fact Kane is a Mohawk who lives on the Cattaraugus Territory

Exploding the City Budget and Finance Myths

The Dyster administration 2015 budget, after having begun its irregular and dramatic journey four months ago, limped to the finish line and gained passage before collapsing on the floor of the council chambers Monday evening.

No Rhyme or Reason to Justify Dyster's Casino Cash Spending

Enough already. Enough of the criticism leveled at Councilman Glenn Choolokian, taking him to task for recommending the use of casino funds to offset costs related to the regular city budget.

The Reporter Offers to "Restructure" City Finances

Niagara Falls-- The city council has, for the second time this year, voted 3-2 in voting no to a Mayor Paul Dyster's request to enroll the city in what New York State calls their "Financial Restructuring Board for Local Governments".

Gazette Agrees With Reporter on Dyster's Hard Rock Party

Last week, in our story, "Taxpayers to Foot Bill for Dyster's New Year's Eve Hard Rock Gala," a caption under a partying Mayor Paul Dyster read, "Let the good times roll." Dyster, who said we have to share the pain of lean times, and will be raising taxes, wanted to blow $27,000

State Lawmakers Seeking Pay Raise, Should Get Pay Cut

They're doing such a great job keeping New York State the highest taxed, least business friendly and fastest shrinking state in the nation that Albany lawmakers are now negotiating with the governor to give themselves a pay raise.

City Hires Hodgson Russ to Fight Age-Discrimination Complaint

Niagara Falls - The Council majority and the Dyster administration, after ignoring the recommendation of a New York State Division of Human Rights judge to pursue a settlement with regard to a complaint of age-discrimination filed by former council secretary, Kevin J. Ormsby

Standing Tall: Dyster Did not Delete Photo of Bill Cosby

Last week we posed the question of whether Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster would remove the picture of himself, and city administrator Donna Owens, posing with embattled comedian Bill Cosby on the city's website.

No One Seems to be Able to Get Enough Skrlin

(In our continuing series on the works of artist Gerald Skrlin, art critic Rafael Guillaume Gautier-Shapiro joins the chorus of art critics piling praise on this master cartoonist. Skrlin arrived to sudden fame after lampooning Niagara Falls Acting-Controller, Maria Brown, who, along with Acting-Mayor Kristen

History: Glynn Shamed into Dropping Fake Maid Legend by Local Historian and Native Allies

Recent news stories from Buffalo concerning the proposed renaming of Squaw Island, a designation considered disrespectful to Native American women, are reminiscent of a similar controversy that captured the attention and imagination of Niagara Falls residents

The Original Legend of the Maid of the Mist

The Maid of the Mist was originally a Haudenosaunee myth and predated European colonization of America. In the ancient myth, a young widow, in a suicidal bereavement, got into her canoe and entered the waters above the falls. At first she felt peace, but when she heard the roar of the falls, her hands began to tremble, as she realized there would be physical pain with death.

Reporter Launches New North Tonawanda Column

My name is Sweeney Payne. I am a North Tonawanda resident. My family lives in North Tonawanda. I work in North Tonawanda. I love North Tonawanda dearly. I have been given the opportunity as a North Tonawanda resident to create a column for the Niagara Falls Reporter.

Anti-Catholic Necklace

Penis necklace here. Harper Bizarre published an article last week entitled "Tom Ford's surprising charm necklace, Christmas shopping dilemmas, solved." The magazine wrote, "In June, Tom Ford, designer and provocateur, made weary fashion journalists in London for the men's shows perk up

Republican Majority Passes $336 Million 2015 County Budget, Despite costly state welfare mandates, taxes lower than decade ago

LOCKPORT—Niagara County lawmakers approved a $336-million spending plan a week ago that marginally bumps taxes —despite a $2.3 million hike in county spending on an Albany-mandated welfare program

Teenage, Suspected Murderer of Falls' Man Seeks Plea Deal

As many readers know, Darrell Jermaine Belton, 18, was accused of fatally shooting 30-year-old William A. ''Billy'' Reilly, around 11 p.m. on Tuesday Sept. 23 - the culmination of an argument. The unarmed Reilly was shot twice, at close range, in his upper body. Reilly's girlfriend called 911.

Dyster Proposes Getting City into Business of Animal Rescue

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster's policies toward criminals and city police have resulted in our municipality having the highest per capita population of registered sex offenders in the state, and the city being ranked as the most dangerous place in New York.

Beth Ceretto Joins Walker in Not Filing Disclosure Reports

Last week, the Niagara Gazette published a story about Lewiston's councilwoman elect, Beth Ceretto, a member of the Independence Party, who is closely aligned with Republicans - she is the wife of Republican Assemblyman John Ceretto –citing her failure to file her election

CBP Officers in Falls Seize Cocaine Hidden Inside a Tire And Other Sad and Stupid Cocaine-related Smuggling and Misdeeds

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. – Around midnight, last Thursday, a 28-year-old woman --whose name authorities have yet to release - gave up her freedom for...

This Week in Stupid Crime

Remember the purse! A hapless Canadian shopper left her purse in the shopping cart at the Walmart parking lot one afternoon last week and when she remembered and went back to retrieve it – Surprise! – it was gone. ...

City Hall Jokes

Mayor Paul Dyster and DPW Director Dave Kinney just announced their new snow removal plan. It's called April. Mayor Dyster set December 18 for his city hall Christmas party. Maria Brown, Ruby Pulliam and Donna Owens are drawing straws to see who wears the Grinch costume.

He Spent it "My Way"

A recent Niagara Falls Reporter discovery is Pistol Pete, producer and singer of parodies, who last month created the parody on Mayor Paul Dyster, based on the song Mack the Knife, and entitled Pauley the Dice.

Letters to the Editor

White People Don't Protest Blacks Killing Whites Here is a topic that could help or hurt race relations. When people of any race, in any location, for any reason feel that an injustice has prevailed on them, this is a good opportunity to protest so that your point of view is front and center for all to hear.

Great Dane Puppies Available

The Great Dane is sometimes referred to as the "king of dogs," and for those of you who might like to have a majestic pet like a Great Dane, the opportunity is here. Long-time Western New York dog breeder Eddie Fusco has 11 Great Dane puppies available for a suitable buyer out of a litter of 13 born just 10 weeks ago.

Niagara Falls Housing Authority's Youth Choir to Host Annual Christmas Concert

"The Gift Of Love" Christmas concert will be presented on Friday, December 19. Embrace the holiday spirit by attending the Niagara Falls Housing Authority's annual Christmas concert. Featuring wonderful performances by the NFHA's spectacular youth choir, this is a holiday event you won't want to miss.

Bills Defense Is Super Bowl Material; Offense Still Lacking

In back-to-back games, the Bills defense has throttled two of the game's best quarterbacks, the latest coming on Sunday when they made Rodgers look very bad (34.3 rating) in a 21 to 13 win over the mighty Packers helped by two interceptions from their totally secret weapon Bacarri Rambo, signed off the street before the game

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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