Cauley Stresses Watchdog Role and Cooperation In Campaign for Niagara Falls City Council


By Tony Farina

Politics is definitely in the air in Niagara Falls with the election just around the corner on Nov. 7.

Two council hopefuls working very hard to reach voters are Vincent Cauley, an engineer by trade, and CPA Michael Gawel, with both running on the Republican and Conservative lines for two open seats on the City Council.

Vincent Cauley

Cauley is telling voters he wants to be a part of the solution for the taxpayers of Niagara Falls not continue the frustration, and believes the city should be rolling out the red carpet for development opportunities like NFR’s $1.5 billion digital campus, bringing jobs and tax dollars to the city and not rolling out red tape to get in the way of serious development that could change the future for the better.

“I am fighting for a better day for the city and our residents,” said Cauley, “and as I said before, we need to get Niagara Falls on the right track.  Right now, we are on the wrong track and that is the message I am delivering to voters in seeking their support.”

Cauley sees himself as a financial watchdog for taxpayers, given his educational and professional engineering experience and his ability to work with people by building relationships as he does in his engineering career.

“The city and its people need to work together to take the next step” said Cauley, and that’s my message to voters,” he says.  “And I believe that’s what I can deliver in my role as a member of the council.  Let’s get on the same page, everybody, and work to save tax dollars and build a bridge to a brighter future for all our citizens.  We should act now and not waste precious time.”

For his part, Michael Gawel, a CPA, also sees himself as a fiscal watchdog given his experience with numbers as a Certified Public Accountant.

Michael Gawel

Both candidates, while they differ slightly on some issues, see the same road to a better future by capitalizing on opportunities and saving tax dollars for the city’s overwhelmed taxpayers, speaking up when necessary.

Cauley emphasizes that strong-armed tactics by the city administration work against making Niagara Falls a better city and that more collaboration and working together is his ideal, not confrontation and one-way government.

“City leaders should be working with community groups and taxpayers, and not saying there’s only way to get things done,” says Cauley.  “We should not waste valuable time in finger-pointing and arguments but rather find common ground so all will benefit.  If I am elected to a full term, that’s what I will be doing.  Working to bring people together, not drive them apart.”

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, Cauley is giving it all in his door-to-door campaign, hoping voters respond to his message.  So far, he says, the response has been very positive.                  

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