Digital Dollars Are a Scam To Take Control

The Right Side - J. Gary DiLaura




Folks …we need to get a grip on what EXACTLY is going on, and it AIN’T anything good…it will put an END to America! Who and what is going on…?

Hussein Obama is on the verge of satisfying his lifelong dream … “to fundamentally change America,” his words…into a “socialist, Islamic America”…my opinion!

This is NOT about; Climate Change, fossil fuel, poor aliens running from danger, Border security, a failing economy, or a need for solar or wind electric power plants that don’t work when the weather is bad…it’s all about changing America from the only successful Constitutional Republic, and it’s Constitution ever, into a Socialist, Islamic Nation with one person Rule…guess who…hint…he’s a Muslim…a former “president”… with a small “p” on purpose.. and his initials are B O!

You self-declared Economist Geniuses, who are pushing for Digital, answer this …Why does it seem like the counties that are either switching to or are already using Digital Dollars of some form… are all our enemies who want the US/ us dead…China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and many others. Are you really that dumb?

Do you think if Putin said, “Hey Joe, let’s all switch to Bitcoin, what do you say, bud?” it would be to help us?

Name one “free enterprise” country…stupid enough…to change from their currency to Digital…besides Joe Biden’s America. America, the country he turned into the biggest Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization…RICO family enterprise since the beginning of time, my opinion!!

Biden Crime Family

Why in the world would you allow any singular “unelected” person to take complete “TOTAL” control… of all your money? Who…the Chairman of the Federal Reserve…that’s who…guided of course by Hussein, my opinion!

This faux president Obiden is planning on taking all your US Dollars, changing all your US Dollars, which are backed by the US Government,  into Crypto, Bitcoin Money to be controlled by ONE unelected person…Chairman Of the Federal Reserve? AND…is backed by absolutely NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, SHIT…don’t you freaking get it…?

It’s no different than a Criminal Enterprise…a PONZI SCHEME?

Google Warren Buffet and see what he says about Crypto (which is nothing more than a way to dress up Bitcoin Currency or Worthless Currency). I arrested many people for exactly what Obama and his brain-dead puppet are planning to do to us, in my opinion. There are many descriptions that we use for various forms of Fraud, and some are Ponzi Schemes, Kite Schemes, Bait and Switch, and Float Schemes. Crypto Currency is just another word that describes FRAUD, a way to steal your money!

Don’t let this brain-dead loser of a President fool you. Digital dollars of any kind are of no value unless you can find someone dumber than you who wants some of your imaginary digital dollars! Their Bitcoin value depends solely upon how much more stupid “your” victim is than you were!

Is Bitcoin a scam?

Is Bitcoin a scam?

What a great way to run a Socialist/Islamic nation…with a click of a button, while sitting on the toilet, Hussein Obama can eliminate anyone he wants …by taking all their money. His Chairperson of the FED, he will appoint, will do whatever he says…my opinion!  What would you have left?

Why do you suppose Obiden tried to appoint a female Chinese citizen with ties to Russia as Chairman of the Fed? She’s an expert on Bitcoin and was CEO of the American Communist Party and converted their money and assets to Bitcoin. Fortunately for us, the Senate rejected her appointment this time, but just wait and see where she pops up again.

Our currency has ALWAYS been backed by something of value…called assets. For example, your American dollars have been backed by silver, gold, and currently, the full force and assets of the United States. That includes US dollars in FDIC Insured deposits up to $250,000 per person!

If you think I’m kidding…consider this… in a Socialist/ Communist/ Islamic Nation, there is no private ownership of business or property. Ask any Saudi, “Who owns your house”? The answer – the KING!

How many businesses went under “due to Covid”…how many of those Citizen taxpayers did Biden rescue? Answer…NONE! Then compare that “business, bailout money to restore those lost businesses” to what Biden has spent on “rescuing 10 million ILLEGAL aliens, who never paid a dime in taxes, and are here illegally”! Then Look at the banks that are ALL OF A SUDDEN, failing…keep in mind he wants ONE bank to be left standing, and that’s the Federal Reserve.

Get to your elected leaders by email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever…and tell them in no uncertain terms that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THE REPLACEMENT OF THE US DOLLAR WITHOUT THE SAME BACKING OF THE CURRENT DOLLAR, INCLUDING THE FDIC!

Hey, Mr. Speaker of the House, you wanted to be Speaker, so SPEAK! Speak up, for Christ’s sake.

Defund any Crypto Bills or Executive Orders he tries to pass, or you will be sorry. There will no longer be a House of Representatives, for sure! Wake UP!


And if you’re looking for more ACTION from a retired FBI Agent…

There were some 200 +Fugitive Deserters myself and my two sidekicks fought, chased, and arrested in our Rookie year, first office in Charleston, SC; Oh… an IO Fugitive who we ID’d as the killer of an NYO COP during a deli stickup; rescued a kidnap victim (Tondelaya Jones from the NYO); a Bank Robber, armed with Shotgun and $18,0001 ½ hrs after the robbery…all of which was my first year! My cases.

Then there was the Truck Squad, John Gotti Crew…there’s much more,…check out my book… “ACTION- FBI CRIME FIGHTING, THE WAY IT WAS-PART 1,” by J Gary DiLaura…thank you!

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