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We all have the power to create the images that will guide our feelings and ultimately create a stress-free life. Regardless of circumstances, we can always control our feelings in this simple way. It is important to begin practicing this technique as often as possible, and over time there will be a great difference in your feelings and in an overall sense of contentment. The reason the change occurs gradually is simple. It is all in how we learn.

The conscious mind gathers information and makes judgments, which it gives to the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is designed to execute whatever we think. It is given information according to our random thoughts: both positive and negative. If one thought is positive and the next is negative then the unconscious executes both, causing one to neutralize the other. Regardless of whether the information is true or false, the unconscious mind creates a reality of whatever information it is given. In that way the unconscious mind is like a big room and the conscious mind is like the door to the big room. Whatever is allowed into the room is what will create a person’s reality. Our unconscious mind doesn’t know what it should change or if it should correct the information. It only follows what our conscious mind is saying. And because our conscious mind is not controlled but rather affected by whatever is around us, we become consciously incompetent.

All the information we have collected is at the unconscious level, and the unconscious mind learns instantly. Whatever we have learned, it will retrieve. Example: If you ask a question of the unconscious mind and if the answer is not already at the unconscious level, it will take all the information it has and it will come up with an answer.

Once we become aware of how our mind works, then we can consciously control our thoughts. Now we become consciously competent. And as we control our thoughts and repeat only good thoughts, we are becoming unconsciously competent.

Unconsciously competent is the most exciting part because it is the seed of inspiration and transformation. Now we have learned how to become far more powerful, and we are able to overcome all stress and every fear. We have learned that our minds control our feelings and ultimately our lives. The unconscious mind is now able to go into “auto-pilot” and create every reality that we have intentionally planted into our lives using our thoughts. This enables us to learn how to live much more fulfilling lives through the power of manifesting.

The process of continually creating positive pictures will transform our energy such that we are no longer affected by stress. The potential for us to not only live stress free lives, but to actually design our lives with much greater wealth, health and happiness can begin simply with learning how to master our thoughts. This reality is not only an exciting new frontier of self-discovery, but has its evidence in science more and more as research has started to create tools that can measure the energy created simply from thought. One example of measuring energy was discovered by Masaru Emoto in his book, The Hidden Messages in Water. Mr. Emoto studied wave fluctuations in water, and also did photography of ice crystals when he discovered that sounds of either words or music drastically changed the appearance of water.

Harsh words or angry music made the microscopic water crystals appear dark and jagged, while beautiful words and music caused the crystals to form beautiful ornate shapes similar to snowflakes. The ramifications of this type of research are incredibly exciting for us and future generations.

Knowing that we can have a hand in giving ourselves every success in health, wealth, and happiness is an entirely liberating and inspiring thought. And once it’s a thought, we have the power to turn it into a reality. Once you learn how to control your thoughts, you can do anything. You are ready to manifest your life!

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