SoleTurn Entertains Packed House

By Tony Farina

It was a packed house at Sportsmen’s Tavern Saturday night and the rock band SoleTurn delivered a great show.

Led by lead vocalist Vik Bhargava, the four-piece band gave folks their smooth combination of new and old songs in a night to remember.

Vik Bhargava is the talented lead singer of SoleTurn

My daughters Deanna and Roseanne and their boy friends Mike and Anthony said dad, we’re so glad you brought us and they thoroughly the performance.

I enjoyed it myself as I listened and watched the guys on stage perform so enthusiastically and skillfully at their craft and there I was, snapping my fingers with everyone else just feeling alive and good.

SoleTurn must have made Sportsmen’s owner Duane Hall a happy man as the crowd was overflowing.

SoleTurn lived up to the hype and delivered.  Will be playing music around WNY and catch them if you can.

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