Is Climate Change a Fraud or Can We Control Nature?



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In 2005, the largest oil reserve IN THE WORLD was discovered…THE GREEN RIVER OIL RESERVE IN COLORADO. 

Pres. Bush ordered 3,000 test wells drilled by independent private contractors, and announced after all the results were studied, that this is the largest oil reserve ever discovered. It is mostly on government owned property and holds more oil than the rest of the world! 

Since then, 8,000 more test holes have further substantiated the studies.

Here’s an excerpt from testimony about the Green River Formation provided by Anu K. Mittal, Government Accountability Office (GAO) Director of Natural Resources and Environment, to the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology:

“The Green River Formation…contains the world’s largest deposits of oil shale. USGS estimates that the Green River Formation contains about 3 trillion barrels of oil, and about half of this may be recoverable, depending on available technology and economic conditions. The Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research organization, estimates that 30 to 60 percent of the oil shale in the Green River Formation can be recovered. At the midpoint of this estimate, almost half of the 3 trillion barrels of oil would be recoverable. This is an amount about equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves”.

The Green River is oil shale, and although it is recoverable, we need better and more efficient methods to recover the product economically. However, there is no doubt that this will happen. 

If the Government stops interfering with the companies that spend the research money, obtain permits that are cancelled, trying to produce the product, my opinion!

In 2020, Biden stopped all tests, drilling, and everything on the Green River!

In 2008, the “2nd largest” oil reserve in the world was discovered in North Dakota. The Bakken formation covers many States, including western North Dakota, northeastern Montana, and Canada. According to the USGS, this reserve also has an undetermined amount of natural gas!

Until then, Prudhoe Bay WAS the largest oil reserve in the US… it’s now THIRD!

We now have the first, second, and third largest oil reserves in the world, and more OIL and NATURAL gas than the rest of the world! 

Why would any elected official want to condemn the US to darkness by denying us the right to life, liberty, and happiness by not allowing us to benefit from the God-given natural resources of fossil and nuclear-fueled “everything”… like electric, heat, cars, water, food…we need and cannot live without?

In December 2021, the USGS completed an oil and gas estimate for the Bakken and Three Forks Formations in the Williston Basin of Montana and North Dakota. The estimate includes 4.3 billion barrels of unconventional oil and 4.9 trillion cubic feet of unconventional natural gas in the two formations. In May 2020, the North Dakota Oil & Gas Division estimated that over 7,500 oil and gas wells in North Dakota were shut down by Biden, preventing close to 510,000 barrels a day of production. The reason the Biden administration gave was COVID-19 and not economically feasible!

When Biden closed the Keystone Pipeline, he also closed other natural gas power plants. Obama closed 45% of our coal plants during his tenure! We are now at 80% of total capacity! 

Before Obama, we had 125% of capacity, and some 85% was Fossil Fuel!

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said nobody should care about closing the Keystone, because the Keystone Pipeline “has not moved 10 cents worth of oil” since it started! She said that!

Kirsten Gillibrand is our US Senator. She didn’t know that the Keystone pipeline carried 510,000 barrels of oil daily in 2,700 miles of the Keystone, phases 1 & 2 from Canada to Illinois to points west. That phase 3 would have increased the volume to just under a million barrels if Biden/Obama had not shut it down.

She has not researched anything about the Keystone, and yet could and would vote NO to the Keystone!

Here are the verifiable facts:

From its opening in 2010 to 2019, the Keystone has delivered 1.3 BILLION barrels of oil to and through the “2,700 miles” of Keystone Pipeline Part 3 was to expand to the west coast and refineries in the Gulf and would have raised that total to just under a million, had Biden not shut it down, causing lawsuits against us because of contract violations!

Between all our resources that Biden and Obama stopped, they drove our oil production from 19 million barrels a day, under Trump, to less than 9 million barrels a day, and they brag about it!?!



Why would a president use the emergency oil reserves to artificially lower gas prices just before an election? Obama drained the oil emergency reserves from full to near zero.

Trump brought the reserves back up from the Obama zero to 110%. Biden is bringing them back to Biden zero! Why? These reserves are for emergencies and catastrophic disasters, not for Biden’s political toy to lower the market price…20 cents per gallon, maybe!

With our grid at 80% capacity now, how difficult would it be to collapse the entire grid? 

Parts of the US are experiencing “brownouts” daily! How long can you hold out with no natural gas, no coal, no oil, no firewood (that’s Hochul’s contribution to their cause), no gasoline, no diesel, no electric power (remember 80% is still fossil fuel), no drinking water, no food?

What possible reason could they have to back us into a corner intentionally? To get back at Trump? 

This goes way beyond that!


First -Define Climate Change.

I’ll bet you can’t! What is Climate? If you can, leave a comment. When you think you can define “Climate Change,” explain how you can STOP what you just described. What about Sunspots? Do they impact our weather, and how do we stop them or meteors from striking our planet? Many believe a meteor is responsible for the Ice Ages and the disappearance of the dinosaurs!

For example, the left hung out the “Global Warming Shingle” for the “Gore Decades”…right up until they, Gore and his Gorites, decided there was no evidence, no proof, so they made it up. Then they were caught. How? In 2015, members of the UN IPCC came forward and said “they” were cooking the books on Global Warming and resigned. 

Gore and the left relied on the UN IPCC for all their evidence of Global Warming. Ironically, the “CC” in UN IPCC stands for Climate Change, yet you never heard “that.” It was always Global Warming until Gore and others said, “Based upon 18 years of THE UN IPCC Model on Global Warming, we can now say the Earth is warming, the Ice Glaciers are melting, the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps are melting, and…oh yes, the polar bears are dying.

But the best was when Al Gore predicted, “The Glaciers will be gone by 2015”. It’s 2023, 8 years later, and our Glaciers are as solid and beautiful as ever! John Coleman, creator of the weather channel and dedicated weatherman, took the “UN IPCC Model of 18 years,” as did other scientists like the Heartland Institution, NASA, and others, compared what the model predicted to the actual temperatures were.

This model cost us millions of dollars for the IPCC to create and 18 years of pure BS from people like Al Gore, who are ignorant of any facts on what they speak…Climate! So the real scientist said, “Let’s compare what your IPCC model 18 years of study predicts and see how accurate you are”. Guess what? There was no correlation whatsoever. 

NASA even said the “UN IPCC Model” is useless in predicting anything! Others said it was more accurate at predicting how many UFOs we would have than anything to do with Global Warming!

This was the “smoking gun for global warming” for 12 years. The Arctic lost 1 million square miles of ice from 2002 to 2012! That was major news for years. When that same Arctic area regained that 1 million sq miles of ice from 2012 to 2013, in ONE year, we never heard that!

Then scientists looked into how they measured the temperatures “globally.”

In the first place, they did not! All the temperatures were taken in the US. Next, the UNIPCC forced the colleges who wanted grant money to sign a contract agreeing that Global Warming exists and would try to prove it. The temperatures they took and recorded were taken at ground level, on blacktop parking lots, some protected by a fence, others not, some with a continuous recording “pen” register that self-records others… not. 

Most students tending to the “tests” had no training.

John Coleman, The Weather Channel, went to all States and Countries that had polar bears, and examined all their records on polar bear population back as far as they went, and guess what. In all cases, polar bear populations INCREASED over those 18 years!

There are no scientific tests anyplace that prove anything about Global Warming or the impacts, if any, CO2 and so-called green gases, have on ANYTHING! However, some very accurate studies demonstrate that the Antarctic Ice land mass is bigger, colder, and thicker than 10,000 years ago! Who did that test?

In 2015 NASA did borings, carbon-dated to 10,000 years ago, and proved it… that’s when they said the IPCC model is useless!

Last thought, if the Earth was created 4.5 billion years ago at some astronomical temperature…like, say 30,000 degrees F, and 4.5 Billion years later, there is a core of molten mass ( true) about 5,000 miles in diameter (true). But it is still at 10,000 degrees F (also true), is the Earth cooling or warming? Hmm???


My definition – Temperature, atmospheric, subterranean, volcanic, wind, rain, snow, and other factors unknown to man that combine and cause weather…which can only be controlled by forces and beliefs beyond man’s control. Climate change has existed since the creation of planet Earth and has always been and will always be in continuous change, no matter what man does or doesn’t do!

The single most important FACT…the left will never admit to is ….no matter what causes climate change, no matter what impact greenhouse gases have, no matter what impact sunspots have (whatever sunspots cause are more impactful than anything else, by the way) …there is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do to affect climate change…PERIOD, my opinion, and… the view of most intelligent people. Google Heartland Institute on climate change, Global Warming and see what thousands of real scientists believe! They even signed a petition to Congress…+/- 30,000 scientists at last count!

Let’s agree that Earth is about 4.5 billion years old and started as a molting hot mass. That’s what most scientists teach in science classes. Now assume that the way to measure temperature was invented around 1714, the mercury thermometer. Finally, let’s assume that the interest in temperatures in the North and South poles and the Amazon got rolling around the 1900s and a way to travel safely there …1970s. Okay,, now when did we get really serious about temperatures around the world? Get where I’m going?

So let us agree that for the past 60-70 years, we have had exact temperatures recorded all over the world (we do not), and it shows that in the past 60 years, temperatures have either risen or fallen 5 degrees F. What does that mean? If you compare it to 4.5 billion years, it means nothing. If you compare it to the past 60 years, it means something, but what? Scientists do not know! They won’t agree on anything regarding either data. They don’t know if it is warming but feel the evidence does lean towards NO …but we don’t know!


This is the easiest of them all. CO2 is necessary for plant life and for the photosynthesis of oxygen, which you breathe! The ideal concentration for trees is 2000 PPM. The minimum trees need is 250 PPM, and we currently have 450 PPM CO2 in the atmosphere. By forces unknown to science, excess CO2 falls into the Oceans.

According to Patrick Moore, co-founder of Green Peace, if your greenhouse plants are dying, stick your car exhaust into the greenhouse overnight and run your engine. You won’t believe the results! Mr. Moore also says we need to INCREASE CO2 to 2000 PPM! Mr. Moore co-founded Green Peace in 1971 and resigned in 1986. Want to know why he quit Green Peace? Google his name, read and learn. It’s an eye-opener for those who disbelieve that people are gullible. I pick Mr. Moore because Green Peace was and still is the same people who now say he’s lost his mind.

There is no evidence whatsoever that methane, CO2, so-called greenhouse gases have any effect, or if they do, what is it on anything global? There’s as much evidence about gases as there is about what effect Bigfoot has on climate change! And when it comes to AOC…remember, your leader…AOC… didn’t know what an in-sink garbage disposal is! Enough said!

Remember …if you send a comment on climate change, first define it. Then what it is you believe you can do to help change it!

In my opinion…if it were not for Climate Change…we wouldn’t be here! Also, nuclear is the only possible, viable “replacement” for Fossil Fuel. We will always have hydro, unless China or Russia destroys what we have!

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