United Nations repeats dire warnings on Global Warming in newly-released report

Last week, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its 2023 report on the ongoing global warming crisis, the result of over a half-decade of work by thousands of climate scientists.

According to the UN, “More than a century of burning fossil fuels as well as unequal and unsustainable energy and land use have led to global warming of 1.1°C above pre -industrial levels. This has resulted in more frequent and more intense extreme weather events that have caused increasingly dangerous impacts on nature and people in every region of the world. But there are multiple, feasible and effective options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to human-caused climate change, and they are available now, said scientists in this IPCC report. Taking effective and equitable climate action will not only reduce losses and damages for nature and people, it will also provide wider benefits, the report points out, underscoring the urgency of taking more ambitious action now to secure a livable sustainable future for all.”

Click here to access the lengthy and detailed report.

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