Mexico: ‘And Now The End Is Near’: Alejandro Junco, Felipe Calderon Wade In to Topple Salinas, Raniere

After months of holding back, media giant Alejandro Junco has made his first firm irrevocable public statement: Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas must be stopped in Mexico.

He did not say it directly in words. He entered the arena by reprinting in Spanish the New York Times crippling expose of NXIVM, Keith Raniere [and his useful stooge Emiliano Salinas] in his newspapers Reforma, El Norte and Mural under the headline “Investiga EU a grupo que marcaba
a mujeres como ganado”

Reforma: The EU investigates a group that marked women as cattle

El Norte: The EU investigates a group that marked women as cattle

Mural: The EU investigates a group that marked
women as cattle

The New York Times article appeared on the winter solstice, Dec. 21, 2017: Federal Officials Reportedly Investigating Group Where Women Were Branded and announced that the US  Department of Justice is investigating Raniere and interviewing his alleged victims.

The story names Emiliano Salinas, son of former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas, and the younger Salinas’ brutal attempts to silence Mexican farmer, Toni Zarattini, for trying to rescue and warn women in the cult who were branded or being groomed for branding by the destructive Raniere.

This is hugely significant because Mr. Junco, although not mentioned directly by name, was revealed in the New York Times story for the first time [outside of Frank Report] as a parent of a victim of the cult: His daughter, Rosa Laura Junco, is trapped within the sinister meshes of the dark web cult of Keith Raniere – who has his followers refer to him as Vanguard.

Mr. Junco is the largest newspaper publisher in Mexico and is not politically aligned with the powerful Salinas political party – PRI.  His startling republishing of the NY Times articles in the biggest newspapers in the country – newspapers he owns and controls – is an outright declaration that Raniere – Salinas must be stopped [even if the latter is the son of a former president and political powerhouse] and his own daughter must be freed from the sadistic cult that ‘brands women like cattle.’

The New York Times reported  NXIVM’s “ranks include members of Mexico’s ruling elite, including a
daughter of the publisher of one of the country’s biggest newspapers, Reforma. Several women who belong to the group in Mexico have traveled to Albany, where they were branded, two former Nxivm members said.”

On top of that Mr. Junco entering the fray, and heightening the tension across the political spectrum, is that former Mexican president Felipe Calderon has tweeted the Reforma story and retweeted it.

Mr. Calderon has more than 5 million followers.

The stakes are huge. The presidential election is only months away. The race between the party of Carlos Salinas – the ruling largely dominant party PRI – and the opposition – led by Calderon – is expected to be razor close. The branding of women may decide who is the next president of Mexico.

That two giants of Mexico Mr. Junco – who in effect outed his daughter – and himself as a worried father – a hugely brave stand – and a former president have noticed this and stated plainly their opposition may actually transcend politics although politics is deeply involved.

The PRI has every chance of being branded itself – as the party that condones the blackmail and branding of women.

I will make a prediction [as I have many times on Frank Report – usually with uncanny accuracy – if I do say so myself]: This is the beginning of the end of Keith Raniere in Mexico.

He is already cooked in the USA.

Carlos Salinas is either going to have to get his son to break from Raniere or PRI is going to lose the next election. The anti-Salinas press and the opposition are going to inflame the Mexican voters tying the PRI and Salinas to female branding.

It is going to be either Raniere or the PRI that is going to be toppled. This is not going away, it will only get larger.

In addition, there is proof in the hands of at least one major media outlet that Emiliano Salinas knows about and has condoned the branding of his master Raniere.

when this comes out and it will sooner or later, it will destroy the Salinas claim that the branding is separate from Salinas and Raniere.


Here are some additional stories that appeared.

The first is from Carmen Aristegui, the most famous female journalist in Mexico. The following are the reports of the feeble and unbelievable efforts of Salinas lying about his lack of knowledge or complicity in the branding of women like cattle.
Aristegui Noticias: FBI already investigates Nxivm in the United States: NYT


Excelsior: They defend the transparency of ESP Mexico

El Occidental:In ESP we act with respect: Emiliano Salinas



Carlos Salinas



[It should be noted that former president Carlos Salinas has a daughter, Cecilia, also in the cult, along with his son Emiliano.]

Keith Raniere with one of his slaves Mariana Fernandez was last seen in San Pedro Garza Garcia.

Mr. Junco now in the thick of the fight is a brilliant journalist and writer, whose pen, once he takes to it, can rouse the Mexican nation like an Emile Zola.

Watch, if he does choose to write, for some of the finest flights of language in either English or Spanish.

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