Family Member Defends Steve Pigeon Against Niece’s ‘False’ Abuse Allegations; Calls Sister ‘Pathological Liar’

Now, a relative of Pigeon has commented after reading Coercive Plea Bargain? Pigeon Chooses Eight Months Over Gambling Life in Prison:

By a Relative of Both Pigeon and His Sister

I’m a relative of Steve’s by marriage, and he is still a friend of my family and myself.

His niece, his pathological liar’s sister’s fifth and last child, is just like her mom. She is like her because her mom brainwashed her to lie, just like the mom has done all her life.

Her mom is a grown-up, but hasn’t grown up. Steve’s sister has had mental health problems her whole life. Steve’s sister is very smart, and so are her kids.

She has a master’s degree and is very book smart, but unlike Steve, she has very little common sense or street smarts.

I’m not blaming Steve’s niece, but her mom, because Steve’s sister, who will be 60 this December, did the same thing to their late father Gerald, who died in 2005.

She accused and called the police on her own father with false accusations on numerous occasions throughout her life.

If it wasn’t for Steve, she wouldn’t have a house, she wouldn’t have a good job, etc. Steve even saved her from getting fired.

Maybe her youngest daughter should think about this in the long run and tell people the truth. Steve should be exonerated, along with having the sex offender registration removed.

Steve’s niece is a good person, but she has problems like her mother because of her mother’s personal and mental health problems. I can go on and on, but there’s just too much more baggage.

I wish to be kept anonymous. I am no longer associated with my sibling and their family, but I’m not the one who stopped talking or associating with them. That’s how it is in today’s divided society, as people use the silent treatment and don’t know how to communicate anymore.

It’s just like they’re no longer associated with Steve. This is because of going straight to the conclusion with accusations. But with Steve and his niece, she knows the facts and the truth.

Steve’s sister is untrustworthy, irresponsible, unreliable, and can’t be counted on. She’s just trying to ruin his life, character, and reputation. Plain and simple!

In this country, not all, but many are going in the wrong direction, including the justice system.


Editor’s comment:

NY State Supreme Court Justice William Boller (above) will sentence Pigeon on December 22 to an agreed-upon term of one year in Erie County jail, where, with “time earned,” Pigeon will be free next August.  The terms of the plea deal came with no probation, but a required registry as a sex offender.

Coercive Plea Deal of an Innocent Man

A coercive plea deal occurs when a prosecutor offers a significantly reduced sentence in exchange for a guilty plea, which can pressure a defendant into accepting the deal out of fear of receiving a much harsher sentence if convicted at trial – even if the defendant is innocent.

In Steve Pigeon’s case, the one-year sentence from his plea deal, potentially reduced to eight months with time earned, is extraordinarily less severe than the potential life sentence in maximum security in a state prison he could have received if convicted of first-degree predatory sexual assault against a child.

Erie County DA John Flynn offered Pigeon a choice – go to trial and face life in prison, or take a plea deal and get out in eight months.

The stark difference between the potential trial sentence and the plea deal suggests elements of coercion of an innocent man in the bargaining process.

Pigeon’s accuser is his 16-year-old niece, who claims her uncle raped her when she was nine during the only time they were alone – a meeting not sought by Pigeon but by the teen’s mother, Pigeon’s sister – a woman known for making false accusations.

A relative of Pigeon has defended him against the allegations made by his niece and her mother, a woman the relative describes as a pathological liar with mental health issues and lack of common sense.

The relative goes further and accuses the mother of brainwashing her daughter, Pigeon’s niece, to lie and make false accusations.

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