City Notches 7th Murder in first 7 Months of 2023

Mckenzie Munt, 2005-2023

McKenzie Munt, 18, of Sanborn, NY became the 7th victim of violent death this year in the city of Niagara Falls when she succumbed to injuries suffered in a gunfire incident late last month.

According to the FBI Crime Report, which this news outlet has spotlighted annually over the past decade, the city of Niagara Falls is perennially at, or near the top of, all New York State cities in terms of both property and violent crime. This, for a city that welcomes some 9 million tourists a year.

Actually the city doesn’t welcome those tourists at all – they merely pass through the city on their way to the state-owned and operated Niagara Falls State Park, where they park, sightsee, dine, purchase gifts and souvenirs and then leave the area without having any need or reason to spend time or money in the surrounding city.

This injustice has been in place for decades, only moreso the past several years as the top purveyor of food and other services in Niagara Falls State Park, Delaware North, can now boast the patronage of the First Couple of New York State.

Delaware North’s chief lawyer is former U.S. Attorney William Hochul, husband of Gov. Kathy Hochul, both of whom paved the way for Delaware North to sign a new state contract during the first six months of Gov. Hochul’s term last year, awarding the rights to Niagara Falls State Park until 2035.

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