Nebraska Bans Birth-Gender Deniers Amputations for Children; Sterilization Options for Children May Suffer Scrutiny

A recent article on the Frank Report discusses in-depth the recent passage of a bill in Nebraska that bans gender-affirming treatments, which the author calls birth-gender denial, including surgeries and hormone therapies, for minors. Under the new law, individuals must wait until they reach the age of 19 to undergo procedures such as breast or penis amputation and artificial implants.

The legislation aims to protect children from making irreversible decisions and to provide additional oversight for such medical interventions. Supporters argue that it safeguards innocent lives and prevents experimentation with irreversible treatments.

However, opponents, mainly Nebraska Democrats, claim that denying children access to these treatments could harm their mental health and violate the principle of medical ethics. Similar laws have been enacted in several states, including Texas and Florida, which have faced criticism and protests from supporters of gender-affirming treatments.

The article also highlights the financial implications for the transgender industry, as these laws limit the industry’s reach and potential profits.

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