Is James Comey a Liar, a Felon, and More?

The Right Side - J. Gary DiLaura


By J Gary DiLaura



Bob Mueller became FBI Director on 9/1/01!  I believe  Mueller was overwhelmed by 9/11, which came ten days after he became FBI Director, and what he did was the right thing for the FBI to do, for sure…find out who killed 3,000 innocent US citizens! Mueller put the entire FBI on this ACT of War, putting all the resources to work on this case and putting all criminal work on the back burner…temporarily…or was it?!

Remember what made the FBI the best law enforcement Agency in the world…Crime Fighting…period! But they, Mueller and then Comey, did NOT return to fighting crime. Comey turned the FBI into his OWN little enforcement army …doing only what HE wanted and not what the FBI should do…fight Crimes here in the US and do it with Fidelity, Bravery Integrity!

Former FBI Director /Destructor James Comey admitted in public “he took” government documents home, aka stole documents,  to leak info on investigations to the press and then lied about leaking.


Former FBI Director James Comey

The FBI did its job, did it well, and solved those horrendous acts of war against America because they were TRAINED CRIME FIGHTERS and not because they were great freaking Hunter /Gatherers, or Our Man Flint, or Counter Intel Agents. I know that the Criminal Agents who solved the first attack in 1993 were involved in the solution of the horrendous second. They solved the first attack in 1993 on the First Tower in 4 days! That was all Criminal Trained, Experienced Crime Fighting Agents who figured it was Muslims from Saudi Arabia who destroyed the Twin Towers and crashed into the Pentagon and… were led by Osama Bin Laden, a Muslim Terrorist!

Much the same is true about the Oklahoma City Bombing. It was the criminal Agents who solved the case. That I know, as the Buffalo Office was directly involved, and I  was the Agent who sent the teletype that changed the Title of the case from “UNUB aka Timothy McVeigh- OKC  Bombing to “Timothy McVeigh-OKC Bombing.” We did a soft raid on Tim’s home, and I convinced Mr. McVeigh, Tim’s father, to accompany us to the prison in an attempt to interview him. Those were direct orders from President Clinton to AG Janet Reno, ASAC Ross, and me!

Comey finished what Bob Mueller started after 9/11 but for different reasons. Mueller was trying to find the responsible parties for 9/11 and redirected all of the FBI’s Crime Fighting resources to solve those heinous crimes. That was what any responsible FBI Director would have done. James Comey took advantage of a good move and RE-redirect the FBI mission. In my opinion, he weaponized the FBI by moving farther away from Crime Fighting to take control and continue to “re-enforce” moving the FBI away from the Crime Fighting mission! Crime Fighting Brick Agents were the exceptionally well-trained and dedicated pool of real  FBI Agents. The only way to “declaw” the FBI’s collection of tough, door-kicking, Crime Fighting Agents was to stop them from making arrests, doing searches, wiretaps, and surveillance that lead to crime solving and dealing as directly as we dealt with the public!!

All of which lead to Convictions!


Remove the Crime Fighting, and you have a pool of Agents who, through no fault of their own, have no idea of what the criminal statutes, Title 18 USC are, nor Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures, nor Best  Evidence Rules, and on and on because they never worked cases that lead to Search warrants and arrests. The  FBI doesn’t investigate crime anymore, which leads to arrests…not hunter-gatherers! You didn’t know that, did you?!

So, under Comey’s watch and intentionally,  the “new” FBI surfaces! An FBI which cannot execute a legal search warrant without breaking every Rule in the book! Look at the “politically” motivated, illegal, high publicity(by choice) search warrants they executed, with HRT and SWAT…and CNN…a disgrace, illegal, in my opinion!  It’s no wonder they can’t find their own ass with their own two hands. Former FBI Director /Destructor James Comey set an example for his Agency to follow… he admitted in public “he took” government documents, aka stole documents,  home to leak info on investigations to the press and then lied about leaking …he also admitted to President Trump in Jan 2016,  that the Steele Dossier is “salacious and unverified “but he and the DOJ officials utilized that document the previous October(2 months before), to get the first wiretap on Carter Page …and the RNC (Trump Tower ). If the dossier was “salacious and unverified” in Jan 2016, it was undoubtedly the same two months earlier!!

I believe James Comey knew that to become a Criminal investigator, FBI Agents must investigate CRIME, violent crime, make arrests, draw up search warrants execute/serve search warrants. They must perform all the aspects of crime fighting. After all, which made the FBI great…Fighting Crime! Working on Title 3 (wiretaps), doing surveillance, performing raids and dangerous arrests, dealing with the public, a very, very important part of becoming an FBI Agent, developing informants… all aspects of Crime Fighting …that do NOT exist if you do not work  “Criminal Cases,” which the FBI NO LONGER DOES and hasn’t for the past 20 plus years!

Hunter-Gatherer of Intelligence does not an FBI Agent, make…sorry, guys. That is a big part of how/why the FBI buffoons used SWAT teams and CNN TV Cameras on the searches of Popadopalis house, Roger Stone’s house, and President Trump’s house. That’s also why they screwed up the investigation of Trump’s home… unauthorized and illegal, in my opinion!


Mar-a-Lago, Former President Trump’s home.

I taught SWAT and was on the SWAT Team for years. Those search warrants would be good training films on how NOT to utilize our SWAT resources… heavy-handed, threatening, without reason(unreasonable…read the 4th Amendment) to believe there was a threat! HOW NOT TO USE SWAT!

Comey redirected the control of handling cases from the field offices to Hq in several ways. For example, he directed that phone calls be routed to FBI Headquarters. He replaced live field office personnel, both Agents and Clerical, with a tape recording to call 911 if it’s an emergency…for real! In my opinion, he did that to sever the public /Agent contact, which was the FBI’s MOST IMPORTANT crime-fighting tool …he pushed the public away from dealing directly with Agents taking complaints from Citizens on Crimes Fighting because he wanted more control over what the FBI did! I think he didn’t wish for Agents dealing with the public and developing informants.

To develop sources/ informants, you must create a skill to do so, and it takes time to develop those skills…Hunter Gatherer doesn’t do it! As Criminal Agents, we were REQUIRED to have at least three sources…if we didn’t, we were disciplined, which cost us promotions, raises, and money to support a family! So, we made it a point to get good at it!

It seems like Comey did not want the FBI to solve crimes that he didn’t wish to be solved… like political cases… at least, it sure looks like that?

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

For example… Hillary Clinton… Comey made FBI Headquarters the “Office of Origin” (OO) on the Clinton case. FBI HQ does not have an investigative staff, has no secure Evidence facility, and does not have the experience it takes to conduct an investigation…look at the unacceptable errors made by Comey’s team, lying, leaking, then lying about leaking, tampering with evidence, screwing up interviews…buffoons of the week award winning people!

Well, up to that point in modern history, ALL criminal cases were handled by the Field Offices, NEVER by Hq, at least not until Comey! Field Offices were the Boss except in  Presidential Appointments and Applicant Background investigations, never criminal cases…except Hillary Clinton!? Hq has none of the above, and the proof of that is in McCabe’s storage (hiding) of critical evidence in his desk for six months! Agents have been fired and charged criminally for Obstruction of Justice, Evidence tampering!  Those are Felonies! No lawman can store (hide) evidence for six months, unrecorded…there must be a Chain of Custody, by law!  What do you think, folks? Would McCabe put very damning evidence on Hillary’s case or Hunter’s case in his freaking desk by accident… or… to hide incriminating evidence? Would Hillary accidentally destroy 34,000 documents “that were under subpoena”? If somebody did that in one of my cases, as soon as I learned of that, I would have arrested them!

If you believe “to hide it,” for any reason whatsoever… is a reason to be fired and a chargeable offense, an offense of tampering with evidence, as well as Obstruction of Justice…plain and simple…then why wasn’t McCabe fired or Hillary prosecuted? Answer…Comey!

Maybe it was because Comey needed him to leak information to the press, which McCabe admitted he did! McCabe said, under oath, and testified that Comey directed him to leak to the Washington Post! What did Comey say when asked, “Did you ever ask anyone to leak information” Comey replied, “NO”. Both cannot be telling the truth. These were the top two executives in the FBI! Who knows how many times Comey’s buddies did that…I’d bet it’s more than once!

Simply put, the ONLY reason Comey did what he did in the Clinton case is what I alleged. Comey put two buffoons on her case, McCabe and Strzok, either to sabotage the case by violating almost every Rule in the FBI Handbook intentionally or Comey knew those two would screw up the interview. Comey did all he could to get Clinton off the hook, and he succeeded? HE “sabotaged” that case and didn’t care who he threw under the bus …it was for his best friends. After all, Bill appointed him USA!

Three Stooges?: Strzok, McCabe, and Page

All FBI Criminal cases have either a subject’s name in the title or UNSUB(s)…either a known subject or its unknown who the subject is. What do you think…was it known, at that time, who the subject of the Hillary Clinton investigation is/was? It was well known she created her own server, used her cell phone and Blackberry for State communications, and worst of all, after being subpoenaed after she stole 34,000 State Department Documents, Classified or not, she took 34,000 of GOVERNMENT OWNED property that was under subpoena and destroyed all of it…nothing else matters!

My guess is …yes…the Subject of her case was her, HILLARY CLINTON!

You can bet your ass that Hillary was the subject of her own case, and Comey obstructed the investigation by either doing that or authorizing that simple but essential act of obstruction…it changed the FBI Rules …to help the worst female criminal this country has ever known, off the hook, my opinion!

The reason Comey took the subject’s name (Hillary) out of the Title could be several. First, the FBI Rules change handling the case and the investigation elements. If she were a witness, then there probably is no reason to tell her her 5th Amendment rights. Suppose she’s a subject… a good chance you MUST say to her the 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination. Then there is the “appearance to the public about being a “Witness” in an FBI Case or the Subject in the case. AND Hillary can stand up in public, as she so humbly did, on TV and do her Clinton “act,” “I am NOT the subject of an FBI investigation”! If she’s the Subject, then NO lawyers can be present…Hillary had +/- 5 lawyers and a witness, Huma Abedin, present! Good work, Strzok!

Hillary Clinton confidant Huma Abedin [l] with convicted sex offender Anthony Weiner [r].

In the old FBI, in a case like Hillary’s, only the Director could do that. Who else could … allow Strzok to interview her with a cast of lawyers present…nobody else has the authority but the Director to do such a stupid thing…then it raises the excellent question of WHY! Why would somebody like the FBI Director allow something as dumb as that if they were on the side of law enforcement!? How could I know that? Hillary has a signed contract with the DNC that she paid off their debt and, in return, took complete charge of all the DNC finances, amongst other duties, and had to approve ALL spending?! Then there’s the fact she was Secretary of State and signed a very specific NDA about protecting Secret stuff and did she have training (yes, signed she), …the NDA…no disclosures, no destruction, no copying, and no take-home stuff…it’s there …all Strzok had to do was show her where she signed! Did he?  Did he show her where she signed? NOT!!!??? Why the hell NOT…Agent Strzok??? If Strzok did, he should have stopped, told her her rights, and asked again, “Did you have any training on classified material.”

Then Comey explained some, but not all, of the crimes Hillary DID commit by using her servers for official State Department communications, stealing and then destroying official, sometimes a top secret or SOP documents, paying Fusion GPS to create a phony Dossier of Trump, Colluding with Russia and on and on BUT…He would not prosecute Hillary!

JIMBO… IT’S NOT YOUR CHOICE!!!  Here’s the biggest problem with that decision, Mr. Comey…since when does the FBI decide whether or not to prosecute?

When Comey was a US Attorney, if an FBI Director said, “I decline prosecution,” what would YOU have to say about that? The FBI’s stated mission at all times is/was and forever will be to Investigate…not to make Prosecutorial decisions. Fact is the FBI Handbook and the DOJ handbook, and everything I ever read states very clearly that the Prosecutor decides what and who to prosecute, and the FBI investigates. Even BEFORE exploring, the FBI must contact the USA first to determine IF he will charge IF the FBI investigations show enough to charge…which is to be determined by the Prosecutor!

Comey had no business offering his prosecutorial opinion…by statute; it’s not his business/authority, and nobody cares, just follow the investigated facts and present them…that’s the FBI’s mission!

What do you believe, folks?

Did Hillary have a personal server, did she use it for State Department communications, and were any communications secret? Did she destroy or direct to be destroyed documents, both confidential and non-secret (34,000 papers)? Did she hire Fusion GPS to write a Phony Dossier alleging her adversary Don Trump colluded with Russia to change an election? Did FBI Director Comey advise the public on National TV that the Dossier was “salacious and unverified”?

“I did not send classified information,” says Hillary Clinton.

This is a “killer”…did Comey, as well as many others… including McCabe, Strzok, Rosenstein, Sally Yates, and others… sign the FISA documents for search warrants against Carter Page for a wiretap… utilizing that same Dossier from Fusion GPS that Hillary paid for…as primary evidence…that they knew the above facts are exculpatory evidence in favor of Carter Page?

If you can answer”  Yes” to any single question…it’s a prosecutable Federal Felony! An Affiant for ANY search warrant MUST disclose exculpatory evidence to the court. Intentional withholding of that info (Hillary hired Fusion GPS to make up a Dossier)…seems essential to me …how about you?  In my opinion, those in jeopardy would be all who signed and swore it was the truth to the best of their ability! HUH, my opinion.

The entire reason Comey and Yates and Rosenstein and McCabe and on and on had to sign those documents is solely due to the fact the FISA Court didn’t trust the FBI and, in about October 2015, instituted that new Rule, ALL heads of Agencies must sign affidavits for a search warrant from the FISA Court!

Having obtained Wiretap Warrants as an Agent myself, I can swear…that…anybody who intentionally withholds the above… on the Carter Page Search warrant… is committing many Felonies, like  Obstruction, and is violating Carter Page’s 4th and 14th Amendment rights and negates all the Wiretap warrants that followed. Further, in all the hundreds of search warrants and arrest warrants I obtained, there were never any Department head signatures required…never…only case Agent and prosecutor (USA)!

For a DOJ employee to leak anything about a prosecutorial case to the press is a MOUNTAIN of possible Federal Crimes, from Obstruction Of Justice to Espionage to Sabotage to possible Treason.

I believe anyone trying to CHANGE America from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist Islamic State could be committing Treason, Sabotage, Espionage, and more…what say you?!!


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