Michael S. Gawel: The Experienced Choice for Niagara Falls City Council

Michael S. Gawel, a former councilman and current candidate for the City of Niagara Falls Council, has a clear vision for the future of the city.

Having served the community before, he is no stranger to the challenges and opportunities that come with public service.

He has extensive knowledge in tax accounting and finance, offering services such as Accounting, Bookkeeping, Small Business Tax, Financial Accounting, Tax Preparation, and Personal Tax Planning.

By Michael S. Gawel

Candidate for Niagara Falls City Council,

I want to share my vision for our city’s future. My commitment is to you, the residents of Niagara Falls, and your right to know and access information is paramount to me.

Should I be given the honor of serving as your councilman again, I am determined to foster a robust relationship with the mayor and the administration. I believe in an open dialogue, an unhindered exchange of information that allows us to make better decisions and take timely actions. By ensuring information is shared promptly, we can reduce the need for special meetings and focus on addressing city issues during regular ones, giving residents more opportunities to voice their opinions on agenda items.

However, I also understand that transparency does not equate to unrestricted access to all information. Certain matters, such as personnel issues, ongoing litigation, or other sensitive topics that could potentially harm the city if disclosed, must be handled with discretion.

When elected to the City Council, I plan to use my expertise in tax accounting and finance to offer valuable advice to the Mayor and the Administration. Regardless of who holds the position of Mayor, I am committed to helping the administration secure federal and state support. I will actively sponsor resolutions requesting aid from US Senators Charles Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand, as well as Senator Ortt and Assemblyman Angelo Morinello at the state level.

I envision my role as a Council member far from passive. I will not simply wait for items to come to me for a yes or no vote. Instead, I intend to be proactive, to be an active member of the Council in gathering information and sponsoring resolutions.

I am committed to serving the City of Niagara Falls with transparency, fiscal responsibility, and active leadership.

Together, we can make our city even better.


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