Get Rid of Bugs, Call Buffalo Exterminators

By Tony Farina

Buffalo Exterminators says if you have a bug problem, ants, bees, bed bugs, rodents or other unwelcome critters, you can get immediate relief with eco-friendly pest control solutions tailored to your particular needs.

Owner Robert Mettal, who owns Buffalo Exterminators on Exchange St. in Buffalo, says his technicians can deal with your bug problem quickly and without any contracts, and they operate throughout the region with glowing reviews on their website.

We provide fast and dependable service,” says Mettal, “and our certified experts are locally managed and not operated by an impersonal national chain.  We rid your environs of the kinds of guests you don’t want, and that’s especially true right now, as spring begins.”  And that control also includes cockroaches.

Mettal, who worked and trained for several years at one of the five regional pest control management offices in New York’ s five boroughs before buying Buffalo Exterminators in 2022, says his business has been successful “because we treat people fairly.  We respond to requests promptly and can get the job done quickly and successfully.  Just read what our customers say and you’ll get the idea.”

Olive writes “it was excellent service. They were very prompt in the response to the call.”  She adds in her review, posted on line, “they were to my house and sprayed for the bees within a couple of hours.  Tim was the guy who came and he was very thorough.  He was very professional and friendly.  He made sure everything was cleaned before he left. I would highly recommend them.”


That’s just one example of the kind of reviews Buffalo Exterminators receives, and the owner says “we’re very happy with that because our goal is to make our customers happy.  Solve their bug problem so they don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

So if you have a bug problem of any kind, just call Buffalo Exterminators at 716-800-bugs, that’s 716-800-2847 without the bugs.

It is a company that talking to the owner convinces me of their commitment and their accountability in dealing with unwelcome critters in your place of living.  That’s Buffalo Exterminators, folks, if you have bugs that need to be evicted from your living quarters.  Who wants bugs crawling around where they live, and spring is the time to get ahead of the game and deal with the problem before it escalates.


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