British Doctors Advised Not to Say ‘Expectant Mothers’ but ‘Pregnant People’

January 30, 2017 Reporter 82

BMA has guidelines for right words for doctors to use…

The British Medical Association (BMA) has published a booklet for its 160,000 members entitled, “A guide to effective communication: inclusive language in the workplace”.

The booklet is intended as a guide on what are right and wrong words for BMA staff and representatives to use when addressing certain people, places and conditions.

It has gotten a good deal of publicity, controversy and ridicule in the British (and some American) media because of a recommendation which advises British doctors not to say ‘expectant mothers’ since it might offend transgender people, but to say “pregnant people” instead. read more

Did Hindu’s Acquittal Prompt Bruce to Commit Obstruction of Justice?

January 27, 2017 Frank Parlato 78

While calls of victims keep coming in….

By Frank Parlato

This week, instead of an in-depth story of another case of prosecutorial misconduct committed by the notorious former Assistant United States Attorney Anthony M. Bruce, a slight retrospection is in order.

Since I began advertising for people who allege they were victims of Bruce, the day does not pass when someone doesn’t call and tell a story of how, they say, Anthony Bruce destroyed their life, or the life of someone they knew.

While sometimes you hear something that seems funny, it is not really funny when you think of the deeper meaning of the thing, like, for instance, that some of Bruce’s victims refer to him as “Brucifer.” read more

Print Edition: Jan 26, 2017

January 27, 2017 Staff 28

Niagara County Republican Chairman Seeking Candidates

January 27, 2017 Reporter 45

Ready To Run for Office?

This year there are numerous public offices up for election.

In Niagara County, all 15 seats in the County Legislature will be decided by voters this year.

There will be elections for supervisor, mayor, alderman and council members, coroner, tax receiver, town justice, judge, and more in various towns, villages and cities of this county.
Each election year, about nine months before the election, the Republican Party looks for good people who are independent, intelligent, and honest, who would like to explore the possibility of running for office under the banner of the Party.
Finding good candidates is not always easy since the best people to fill elected offices are not the ones who want it most. One of the problems with governing people is that those who want to rule are least suited to do it.
The Republican Party County Chairman, Mr. Scott P.  Kiedrowski, is now accepting resumes for people who want to express an interest in running for office with the support of the Republican Party.
Scott P. Kiedrowski
1253 Bowen Ct
North Tonawanda, NY 14120 read more

Lewiston writer Kifer on how Love and Hope triumph over cancer

January 26, 2017 Staff 26


Lewiston novelist Kathy Kifer has published her second novel, “Tessa: Portrait of a Survivor” to critical acclaim, and a recent book signing that took place at the Lewiston Library Community Room.

In Tessa: Portrait of a Survivor, Kifer has drawn on her own raw experiences as a long-term cancer patient and amputee to create a remarkable and inspiring love story.

When Tessa Burke, a former model and wife of an affluent business man, requires more surgery after a long and difficult recovery from breast cancer, she is devastated, and as she tries to adjust to the shocking loss of an arm to the disease, her husband inflicts further pain. Tessa discovers that Max, repelled by her appearance, has found another sexual partner, and although he doesn’t want a divorce she insists that the marriage is broken and they separate. read more

Welcome to the Hotel Cuomo; Olmsted has left ‘Olmsted Park’

January 26, 2017 Frank Parlato 21

The Empire State Development Corp.will be issuing a request for proposals to build “greater outdoor activities” on Goat Island, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Build on Goat Island.

“[T]hat will boost tourism and give people an international destination to visit,” Gov. Cuomo said.

Among the buildings Cuomo wants to build is a lodge (a hotel).

“On Goat Island, we will create a year-round destination for tourism and build a world-class lodge with sweeping views of the Niagara River,” said Cuomo. read more

Cuomo Promises No Sure Thing; City Must Help Itself

January 26, 2017 Tony Farina 18

Gov. Andrew Cuomo rode into Niagara Falls this week full of promises about using state funds from his Buffalo Billion Squared Initiative in his proposed 2017 budget to reclaim underused and vacant property near the state park, an investment he says that will pay dividends for the city.

While it may sound great, the federal corruption probe into his first Buffalo Billion investment has many legislators taking a second look at phase two. There’s no guarantee state lawmakers will give Cuomo everything he’s looking for this time, and even he admits his plan has only a 50-50 chance of success. read more


January 26, 2017 Staff 36

trump button

BY Gerry Ralston, seller of exquisite custom made buttons

Who needs a button?

I make buttons for a living. Not the buttons that keep your shirt on but lapel, message, specialty, fraternal, campaign, slogan, custom and promotional buttons.

It’s not just about Donald Trump. Sure, I made a good living making Donald Trump buttons this past year (and a few Hillary buttons). But the election is over. Trump won. He is the President of the United States of America and I made a lot of money during his campaign making buttons with his picture on it. read more

Niagara Falls Jokes

January 26, 2017 Staff 17

Q: If you’re driving in the city of Niagara Falls and somebody on a bicycle swerves in front of you, why should you try your best not to hit him?

A: There’s a good chance it’s your bike.


A Niagara Falls man arrested for violently assaulting a librarian was sitting at the police station trying to explain his crime.

“All I wanted to do was apply for a library card,” he claimed, “and she told me that I have to prove that I’m a resident of Niagara Falls…” read more

Cuomo’s “Buffalo Billion” no Benefit to Niagara Falls

January 26, 2017 James Hufnagel 32

With key members of his staff under indictment, a potential $3.5 billion budget deficit looming, various ill-considered initiatives like free college tuition and selling liquor in movie theaters going over like lead balloons, and being increasingly at odds with a state legislature scratching and clawing to maintain its own prerogatives in a declining and corrupt state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo brought his road show to Niagara Falls this week, cutting the ribbon at a hotel opening.

Cuomo was in town to promote was what he calls his “Buffalo Billion Squared” which, being a $500 million reprise of a previous state aid program for Buffalo, might more aptly be called “Buffalo Billion Halved.” read more

Ken Cosentino testifies: Cuomo has stolen Niagara Falls prosperity and birthright

January 26, 2017 James Hufnagel 68
Film Director, Producer and Screenwriter Ken Cosentino of Niagara Falls is strongly critical of Gov. Cuomo's policies, and gave Buffalo's Sam Hoyt an earful last week at City Hall.
Film Director, Producer and Screenwriter Ken Cosentino of Niagara Falls is strongly critical of Gov. Cuomo’s policies, and gave Buffalo’s Sam Hoyt an earful last week at City Hall.

It took a lot of guts.

Last week on Friday, Niagara Falls resident Ken Cosentino stood up at the end of a presentation given by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s representative, Empire State Development’s Sr. VP Sam Hoyt, in Council Chambers at Niagara Falls City Hall, and spelled out, in no uncertain terms, the deep discontent of the people.

Hoyt had just delivered an hour-long, encapsulated version of the “State of the State” speech performed by Cuomo a couple of weeks ago at the University of Buffalo’s North Campus. Filling in for ESD President and CEO Howard Zemsky, who was ill, Hoyt appeared to recycle many of the same Buffalocentric slides Cuomo used for the previous speech. The slides that did touch on Niagara Falls mostly listed uninspiring bullet points about state spending that Cuomo had directed towards “improvements” to Niagara Falls State Park and the south Robert Moses Parkway, and how this somehow will contribute to the renewed prosperity of the city of Niagara Falls. read more

Opposition mounts to new Soup Kitchen on Pine as Hunger, Poverty on Rise

January 26, 2017 James Hufnagel 36

A Roman Catholic priest who is proposing to locate what he terms a “not-for-profit restaurant,” run by volunteers, serving low cost meals to low income residents and free meals to veterans, is running into stiff resistance from Mayor Dyster and a self-appointed business group that calls itself Pine Avenue Redevelopment Project (PARP).

Since the 1701 Pine Avenue location, upstairs from the popular Carmine’s Restaurant, is zoned for such a purpose, in the final analysis, if the good Father decides to follow through with it, there’s little those entities can do to prevent what’s been termed a new soup kitchen from being established at that location. read more