Letter to the Editor

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by Dan Davis
They stopped talking to me so maybe they would answer to you.
This year’s budget included a request for $500,899 in Casino funds for Community Development. This amount was to come from a $10.9 million “Transfer from Tribal Revenue.” At the same time, an additional $500,899 was (for some unknown reason) added to the tax levy for the same request.The budget hawks got a hold of this and reduced the amount of the Property Tax Revenue for Community Development to $300,899 (They never touched the $10.99 Million where it was supposed to have came from).

So, $300,899 remained to be covered by Property Tax.

After the budget was adopted, they seem to have realized they made a mistake and printed a revision to the Property Tax levy. In that revision they moved $300,899 to the “Other” column and THEN MYSTERIOUSLY added it back in to keep the levy the same.

They have STILL not touched the $10.9 Million in Tribal Funds – which should have also been reduced by $200,000 to reflect the cut in funds going to Community Development!
Dan Davis
NIagara Falls

2017 budget--AR

2017 Tax Levy-Revised

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