Lewiston writer Kifer on how Love and Hope triumph over cancer


Lewiston novelist Kathy Kifer has published her second novel, “Tessa: Portrait of a Survivor” to critical acclaim, and a recent book signing that took place at the Lewiston Library Community Room.

In Tessa: Portrait of a Survivor, Kifer has drawn on her own raw experiences as a long-term cancer patient and amputee to create a remarkable and inspiring love story.

When Tessa Burke, a former model and wife of an affluent business man, requires more surgery after a long and difficult recovery from breast cancer, she is devastated, and as she tries to adjust to the shocking loss of an arm to the disease, her husband inflicts further pain. Tessa discovers that Max, repelled by her appearance, has found another sexual partner, and although he doesn’t want a divorce she insists that the marriage is broken and they separate.

Yet, just when Tessa is losing hope, a surprise from her past will transform all she believes about herself, the rest of her life and the power of unconditional love.

A gifted photographer, Luke James, re-enters her life at a fund-raising luncheon. Years before, when he was a handsome but immature young man just beginning his career, he had been infatuated with her warmth and beauty. In spite of her disability, he is still attracted to her. Hired by the support group women to produce a calendar to raise money for the Foundation, he pursues a relationship, but Tessa, nine years older than Luke and unable to believe that anyone could find her desirable, strenuously resists.

Author Kathleen Kifer

Author Kathleen Kifer

The reviews on Amazon, where the book is available, have been glowing.

“I am not into love stories, but Kifer drew me right in. I got new insights into how women are challenged with cancer setbacks. I felt as though Kifer was sharing her own life. Great writing with twists and turns to keep me interested. As with her first book (“If a Tree Falls – A Love Song Comes True”), it deserves a Hallmarks movie.”

“An enchanting love story that wraps you up in its world, making you regret leaving it after its final pages. Beautifully written, I was drawn in by the characters and the choices they make, giving insight into those who battle health issues while navigating the real world. Tessa bravely chases her own dreams and does not give up on love when all seems to be lost, a lesson for us all.”

Kathy Kifer lives in Lewiston with her husband, Al.

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