Part 1: Leaked SOP audios: Raniere: Breaking up is harder on a man than a woman

‘Luke’ makes regular comments on Frank Report.

He writes:

One of my theories is that Parlato is a friend of Keith, and he actually helps spread Keith’s ideas. I mean, I have learnt a lot of things through this report….
Franky. Sends us more audios. Dude, I can’t be in all of the forums. Audio + Transcript, if is not a lot to ask. Like the last time with the Forum in V-Week. You rock my world Frank.

Luke, I am happy to oblige a fan and a friend …. Hope this audio helps you and Keith and others thirsting for the wisdom of the Vanguard . It is from a Society of Protectors Weekend.

Keith Raniere: Breaking up harder on a man than a woman


Luke when you are done with the above video, may I recommend you give a listen to the video below:



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