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Second Amendment Watch: Trump to Hilary: If guns don’t keep you safe, disarm your bodyguards!

February 28, 2016 Frank Parlato 0

AS UPI and other news outlets report:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump challenged Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to travel without armed bodyguards to prove that guns don’t keep people safe.

“Hillary said that guns don’t keep you safe. If she really believes that she should demand that her heavily armed bodyguards quickly disarm!” Trump said Sunday in a Twitter post.

As a former First Lady and a presidential candidate, Clinton has the protection of Secret Service guards. read more

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Second Amendment Watch: Obama and Gun “Control”

February 28, 2016 Gary DiLaura 2

(Former FBI agent J. Gary DiLaura speaks out on new gun control laws)

Okay Barack you want to talk gun control? Obama-Executive-Orders-Gun-Control-300x232

Let’s talk about the gun control laws that are CURRENTLY on the books that Department of Justice does not use.

There are Federal Guns laws on the books right now that cover every and any illegal act you could possibly think of involving guns! You think of an illegal act with a gun from ownership to transfer to transport to use in a violent crime to ANYTHING you can possibly think of and it is covered by some section of Title http://southbuffalonews.com8 USC, including The Gun Control Act of http://southbuffalonews.com968, The National Firearms Act of http://southbuffalonews.com934 or some other Federal Law! read more

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Reader: We need a gender specific state speech law [NYS STIFLE ACT] to curb white men’s speech

February 28, 2016 Frank Parlato 0

By Susan D. Musial

Today we are burdened with ever-increasing restrictions on what we  can and cannot say. Recently, the members of the liberal press tried to dissuade Donald Trump from using the term “anchor baby.” Trump responded we, the nation, don’t have time for political correctness. Agreed. And even if we had time for it, which we don’t, we shouldn’t acquiesce to mind control techniques. George Orwell explained how such techniques worked in http://southbuffalonews.com984, where in the story each and every newest edition of the English dictionary eliminated entire words the “party” deemed improper for citizens to utter, because of the concepts that were associated with those words. The theory behind this? Eliminate the word, you eliminate the thought, and therefrom any rebellious instinct from the citizenry, resulting in a neater and tighter control over the citizenry, who by now lacks even linguistic weaponry and accompanying ideas to check the tyranny of Big Brother. Obviously, the citizens in http://southbuffalonews.com984 hadn’t arms. It is worth mentioning again Ms. Schumer is working with Senator Schumer on gun control, presently. read more

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Liberty Tax Offers Free Tax Preparation For Veterans, Active Military

February 25, 2016 0
Michael Gawel
Michael Gawel

Much too often, the news we hear about veterans is not very good, from long lines at Veteran Administration hospitals to high unemployment figures for the men and women who have served our country when they return home.

But this story reminds us that there are many grateful people out there who want to help our veterans and our active duty men and women, and many of them actually step up and in their own way show their gratitude to those who are serving their country and or who have served in the military. read more

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Jacobs Ends Speculation, Will Run For Senate Seat

February 25, 2016 Tony Farina 1
Chris Jacobs, presently Erie County Clerk, was formerly a private sector developer. His next role may be that of a state senator.
Chris Jacobs, presently Erie County Clerk, was formerly a private sector developer. His next role may be that of a state senator.

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs, a Republican and a member of the prominent Jacobs family which owns the Delaware North companies, has told political leaders he is going to run for the 60th District State Senate seat now occupied by Sen. Marc Panepinto, a Democrat.

“He told me he’s going to run,” said Erie County Conservative Party Chairman Ralph Lorigo this week, ending weeks of political speculation about whether Jacobs would take on Panepinto, a replay of his inner debate last year when he was considered the top GOP challenger to Democratic County Executive Mark Poloncarz only to disappoint party leaders by deciding not to run. read more

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Print edition Feb 25

February 25, 2016 0


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Woman who allegedly stabbed baby daddy surrenders, is charged with second degree murder

February 25, 2016 0

The Niagara Falls Reporter received two communications from the Niagara Falls Police Department this week. The first came on Feb. 23. it read:

At 10:00 p.m. last night Niagara Falls Police Officers responded to 9 Monteagle Ridge for a reported assault. Upon arriving they found 39 year old Antoine Mallory bleeding from a single stab wound to the upper right chest. Mr. Mallory was taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center where he succumbed to his injury. This case is being investigated as a domestic violence matter. The suspect and victim have two children in common. read more

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SolarCity sings financial blues, while City bought Highland Ave. Property based on SolarCity Spinoff

February 25, 2016 3

 The company at the center of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “Buffalo Billion” initiative and the stated reason Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster and city Planner Tom DeSantis spent $165,000 of taxpayers’ money on a largely worthless piece of property on Highland Avenue is in serious financial difficulty, and analysts say that the long term prospects of SolarCity – the nation’s largest producer of solar panels – are bleak.

The company’s fourth quarter report, released earlier this month, showed a total loss of $710 million for 2015. read more

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Lack of communication problem for city Council, Tompkins says

February 25, 2016 Mike Hudson 2

Freshman City Councilman Kenny Tompkins says his first two months on the job have been something of an education. Coming from a long background in private business, he says the lack of communication between Council members has come as a bit of a surprise.

“I’ve been disappointed in a few things,” he told the Niagara Falls Reporter. “Some of my colleagues are great, and some of them won’t return a phone call.”

Tompkins ran his campaign last year on the proposition that the city is a business, and should be run like one. read more

Guido payoff to enable Hamister just more tax money squandered  

February 25, 2016 Mike Hudson 1

Why was parking lot operator John Guido paid $45,000 in public money last July to vacate the Rainbow Boulevard North property he leased from the city so that Buffalo developer Mark Hamister could begin construction of his proposed hotel?

While at least five other hotels have been built in the city since the Hamister project was announced, the former parking lot remains vacant.

Last June, the city sent a letter to Guido stating that he needed to vacate the property as per his 2009 lease agreement, which was modified in 2011. read more

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City Hall Jokes – Feb 25

February 25, 2016 0


Answer: Down a $350,000 rat hole.
Question: Where did the money for the “train station re-bid” go?

Paul Dyster and George Maziarz walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and shouts, “You sleazy politician, I thought they finally caught up to you, get out! Senator Maziarz, you can stay.”


What will happen first?
A) Hamister will build his hotel
B) Hell will freeze over
B) Paul Dyster will be transparent 
D) None of the above


Confucius say: When angry residents speak their mind at council meeting, council chairman run for cover like old woman caught in sudden storm. read more

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Ricky, Maker Of Best Pizza [And Fish Fry] In The World, Invites You To His Place!

February 25, 2016 0


Happy late February everyone, winter is nearly over and spring , just like Ricky’s, is right around the corner. Been getting lots of positive feedback on our beer batter fish fry. Incredibly our fish fry has already been referred to as the best in town by our customers on social media. Our haddock is dipped in our unique house beer batter then it is fried to a mouthwatering golden brown perfection. We serve a side of fresh coleslaw , choice of potato (crisp French fries or twice baked potato) and choice of salad ( potato or macaroni salad) Our haddock is also offered baked & battered. We our offering our fish fry all day everyday through Easter. read more