Reader: We need a gender specific state speech law [NYS STIFLE ACT] to curb white men’s speech

By Susan D. Musial

Today we are burdened with ever-increasing restrictions on what we  can and cannot say. Recently, the members of the liberal press tried to dissuade Donald Trump from using the term “anchor baby.” Trump responded we, the nation, don’t have time for political correctness. Agreed. And even if we had time for it, which we don’t, we shouldn’t acquiesce to mind control techniques. George Orwell explained how such techniques worked in http://southbuffalonews.com984, where in the story each and every newest edition of the English dictionary eliminated entire words the “party” deemed improper for citizens to utter, because of the concepts that were associated with those words. The theory behind this? Eliminate the word, you eliminate the thought, and therefrom any rebellious instinct from the citizenry, resulting in a neater and tighter control over the citizenry, who by now lacks even linguistic weaponry and accompanying ideas to check the tyranny of Big Brother. Obviously, the citizens in http://southbuffalonews.com984 hadn’t arms. It is worth mentioning again Ms. Schumer is working with Senator Schumer on gun control, presently.

Interestingly today, women can in pretty much without any serious objection or PC frenzy, say both “cunt” and “cock.” However, men can only say “cock,” but men uttering the word “cunt.” invites probable cause for a politically correct warrant to seize a man’s character. Such PC endeavors are mostly directed at white men, and this sole group is the most burdened with PC speech restrictions, although we are now seeing growing intolerance for ideas and speech adverse to democratic socialism and the PC movement everywhere from high school basketball games to the so-called “safe spaces” at various universities.

Note that homosexual men are exempted from the PC rules regarding use of the word “cunt.” Because they belong to a protected class, notwithstanding the fact many are white, they have immunity.

So in the PC world, and therefore many real world places, such as government job workplaces, private workplaces, schools, and college campuses, I guess superior speech rights now belong to women and gay men, evidenced by the fact since only they can freely say both “cock” and “cunt.” Meanwhile, the noose is drawn tighter every day around the neck of the white male.

Perhaps this proposed statute would help put things into perspective,

20http://southbuffalonews.com6 N.Y.S.  STIFLE Act,

Security Through Ideas Forfeited by Linguistic Enforcement Act.

  •— Usage of the word “cunt” is strictly prohibited by any man, of

white, European ancestry, or of any ethnicity, but of particularly white ancestry, unless the speaker is,

  1. both a white man and a homosexual, or
  2. the speaker is a white man in the process of gender reassignment or is undecided as to his or her sexual identity at the time of the utterance, or
  • 2, Sentencing. The penalty for such utterance of the word “cunt” by the above mentioned is subject to a character assault of not less than a groveling apology, and no more than a complete ostracism and or termination of employment without factual inspection by the employer, and any relief the mainstream media, bloggers, and internet trolls deem just and proper.
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