Second Amendment Watch: Obama and Gun “Control”

(Former FBI agent J. Gary DiLaura speaks out on new gun control laws)

Okay Barack you want to talk gun control? Obama-Executive-Orders-Gun-Control-300x232

Let’s talk about the gun control laws that are CURRENTLY on the books that Department of Justice does not use.

There are Federal Guns laws on the books right now that cover every and any illegal act you could possibly think of involving guns! You think of an illegal act with a gun from ownership to transfer to transport to use in a violent crime to ANYTHING you can possibly think of and it is covered by some section of Title http://southbuffalonews.com8 USC, including The Gun Control Act of http://southbuffalonews.com968, The National Firearms Act of http://southbuffalonews.com934 or some other Federal Law!

Not only that, there are severe add-on Federal Gun charges, all part of Title http://southbuffalonews.com8, that MANDATE, non-discretional, consecutive jail time (added-on time), that may NOT be served concurrently with the substantive charge the individual is convicted of.

In other words, if a person commits a violent felony with a gun and is convicted of that crime, and if that gun has been transported in interstate commerce at ANY time in its “life”, that felon can also charged with a violation of the National Firearms Act and receive non-discretionary, add-on time that must be served AFTER the time for the substantive crime and can NOT be served concurrent. How do you prove the interstate transporting element? If the gun was manufactured in Connecticut, for example, and the bad guy has the gun in an armed robbery in Iowa, there’s a judicial assumption that it was transported across state lines!

So what’s the problem? Why aren’t these violent felons receiving serious sentences with no parole?

The answer is simple, the Department of Justice won’t authorize the charges and prosecution! That is, “none” of the AGs during my 28 years nor any that I have ever heard.

Let’s ask Barack how many ADD ON, Federal gun charges Eric Holder authorized during his seven year tenure. He was soooo into gun control he must have authorized hundreds! They claim it’s “piling on” time, kicking a dog when he’s down, will load up the prisons and on and on! Or, in Holder’s case, if the bad guy was black, he would probably claim racial prejudice, forgetting that some 80 or 90 percent of the violent crimes are black males, it still would be “racial”.


When I worked as an Agent with the FBI, ATF had primary responsibility for gun violations unless the gun was used in a violation we were investigating. Then we became primary and could charge, say a Bank Robber who used a gun during the robbery with a Federal Gun charge, BUT the US Attorney’s office would NEVER allow us to “add on”, EVER! It didn’t matter who was President or who was AG!

It’s too excessive! So we make more laws! How freaking stupid can you get? If you won’t prosecute for laws on the books why in the hell would you pass more laws (with a pen and a phone, besides)?


Also, in general, when I was an FBI Agent, a Federal Agent could not intentionally violate the law to make a case, period, no exception! For example, we could not sell a gun undercover to a bad guy who wanted to commit a crime but needed a gun! I guess Barack and Eric Holder didn’t know that when Eric was AG. Had either one spent some time in Federal Criminal Court instead of Civil Rights, trying to put Cops and Federal Agents in jail, they would have learned some Federal Criminal Law and Fast and Furious would never happened and who knows how many people would still be alive!

America; created by geniuses and run by idiots!


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