Police Mum on Kennedy Probe; Decision Now in D.A.’s Hands

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By: Tony Farina

Niagara Falls police remain tight-lipped about their probe into allegations made by a motorist that Councilman William Kennedy claimed he was a police officer following an early-morning fender bender in the McDonald’s lane on Pine Ave. last month.

Supt. Thomas Licata could not be reached for comment on Monday on the status of the probe into Kennedy’s alleged crime, even though the accident occurred on the morning of Sept. 15, more than two weeks ago.

Kennedy is a key player as the City Council considers action to close a projected budget gap of more than $5 million that could include possible public safety (police, fire) layoffs to reduce costs.

Kennedy, who has denied the allegation by the other motorist that he claimed he was a police officer at the accident scene, moved to table council action on a proposed garbage user fee at last Wednesday’s public hearing attended by dozens of police and fire personnel opposed to layoffs.  Some layoffs could still be part of any gap-closing action by the council but a vote on enacting a garbage user fee was tabled on a motion by Kenendy after Wednesday’s hearing.

As we reported last week, the motorist who backed into Kennedy’s vehicle in the McDonald’s line said he identified himself as a police officer and brandished a badge after the accident, but she still called police to the scene and reported his actions.

While police sources have confirmed an investigation was made into the motorist’s claims, there has been no public comment on the status of that investigation and insiders suspect the police may hand the hot-potato over to the district attorney for a final decision.


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