Will the ‘Mad Doctor’ Roberts be charged with professional misconduct?

By Frank Parlato

[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]

It remains to be seen if Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. will be brought up on charges of professional misconduct for participating in the branding process of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive].

Let us consider the process: Dr. Danielle Roberts [License No: 255075] is in attendance.


It is nighttime. Candles burning. Soft new-age music playing in the background. It is Allison Mack’s home disguised as a secret sanctum.

Women arrive in blindfolds and are ordered into a room and told to disrobe and remove their blindfolds. One of the naked woman is ordered to the branding bed. The temperature in the house is turned high so the women are not cold.

Then four of the naked women stand ready to hold down the woman as her freshly shaved pubic region is prepared for branding. There is no anesthesia, for pain is part of the ritual.

She is firmly held down – one naked woman for each of her arms and legs – on the branding cot.

Dr. Robert is dressed in professional attire. She heats her fire iron and touches it down on the pubic area cutting into skin. The woman screams in pain. The doctor touches again with the torch. Another scream.  A cry for the doctor to stop.

Dr. Roberts is a DOS slave herself; she has been ordered to proceed and disregards the howling of the woman. She is not to stop the procedure.

The branded woman is squirming and wiggling, trying to get free, but Dr. Roberts brings the torch down again. There are four naked women ordered to hold her down. Someone is filming. Dr. Robert continues – another long touch with the stroking burn as she forms the scars with the initials ‘K’ then ‘R’. [for her master Keith Raniere]. The woman begs, crying to stop. Dr. Roberts continues.  Another woman reads aloud the words of Keith Raniere which compete with the sound of crying,  as the ceremony progresses.

The process of branding takes between 20 and 30 minutes – depending on how much squirming the woman does  – of touching and burning. And brief pauses for the woman to compose herself.  What expression is on Dr. Robert’s face with her hand on the cauterizing iron? An outsider witnessing the event would think she is utterly mad.

Over the long minutes of struggle in a warmed house, sweat drips from the foreheads, chests, and underarms and arms of the naked women onto the woman lying on the cot, as they exert to hold her squirming body down as she is branded.  Some of the sweat necessarily splatters on the naked woman. The smell of burning flesh permeates the air.

Dr. Roberts makes her next scaring incision scars of ‘A’ and ‘R’. [for her female master Allison Mack].  Then it is complete. The woman is let loose; she covers her eyes with her hands to soothe her pain. She cannot touch the scarred pubic area for it hurts too much and is too raw for the human touch.


In poetic language Dr. Roberts has written about her view of the practice of medicine: “I believe medicine is more than the cliche Band-Aid that covers the cut, more than just putting out the fires of eminent danger, much more than shaving off the tip of the iceberg so the deeper disease appears disappeared.

“I believe life is meant to be lived, leaped into, swirled about with, breathed, tasted, felt deeply… danced with. I believe true healing begins within, and true freedom from disease found first by the soul.”

In her bio Dr. Roberts recites she specializes in helping patients lose weight; arthritis, chronic pain; Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Diabetes Type 1; fertility, pregnancy, thyroid conditions, hormonal balancing. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia; gastro-intestinal disorders such asCrohn’s Disease, food allergies and Celiac Disease and people with cancer.

The NYS Department of Health Office of Professional Medical Conduct handles complaints of misconduct for doctors. They are located at Riverview Center, 150 Broadway, Suite 355 Albany, New York 12204-­2719
[www.health.ny.gov/forms/doh-3867.pdf] Phone: 518-402-0836 or 1-800-663-6114 [for complaints].


Professional misconduct is defined in Education Law and in the Rules of the Board of Regents. Professional misconduct includes the following:

Engaging in acts of gross incompetence or gross negligence on a single occasion, or negligence or incompetence on more than one occasion

Among actions considered in misconduct are:
Practicing beyond the scope of the profession
Failing to return or provide copies of records on request
Being physically abusive
Performing unnecessary work or unauthorized services.

Dr. Danielle Roberts attended the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and received her degree on May 18, 2008.

She became licensed to practice medicine in the state of New York on October 5, 2009. She is registered through last day of : 08/17.

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