Where is law enforcement? Keeffe laid out blueprint of Raniere crimes in recorded talks and emails with Bouchey

In NXIVM’s effort to destroy Barbara Bouchey – making a criminal computer trespass case out of a molehill  visit to a social media website – while ignoring a mountain of potential evidence against NXIVM founder Keith Raniere – certain facts have come to light.

Perhaps the time has come – if it has not come already – for authorities to investigate the Bronfman/Raniere organization.

The ironies are hard to ignore: Almost every crime the Bronfman/Raniere organization alleges against others are crimes ex NXIVM members allege they, themselves, have committed.

It may be true Bronfman has enough money to keep the FBI, the US Attorney, the NYS Attorney General at bay with their cache of well-connected lawyers and their fabled willingness to invest in friendly politicians and lobbyists who know how to pervert justice almost as well as Keith Raniere knows how to pervert a http://southbuffalonews.com5 year old girl.

But we may be approaching a tipping point.

And there is a starting point – – a blueprint – from which authorities can determine where to go to find the truth, if they have the will to find it:

The blueprint lies in three communications – two by phone and one by email – between Kristin Keeffe and Barbara Bouchey.

http://southbuffalonews.com. February http://southbuffalonews.com2, 20http://southbuffalonews.com4

Bouchey received a call (which was audiotaped) from Kristin Keeffe, a long standing NXIVM member, and legal liaison who oversaw NXIVM and the Bronfman’s http://southbuffalonews.com3 litigations in 4 states with 7 prominent law firms for years.

Keeffe wanted to apologize for the legal attack NXIVM launched against Bouchey and inform her about the wrongful actions taken against her.

Keeffe escaped from NXIVM with her 7 year old son (who is also Raniere’s son – which Raniere tried to keep secret.). Keeffe told Bouchey about what she felt were “massive criminal activities” committed by Rainere,  Salzman, and Clare Bronfman.

2. February 26, 20http://southbuffalonews.com5

Keeffe sent a copy of an email to Bouchey that Keeffe had sent to NXIVM Albany attorneys, Steve Coffey and Pamela Nichols, and ten NXIVM members.

In that email Keeffe wrote that NXIVM members “knowingly participated, directly or indirectly, in criminal conduct of the most insane order.”

She also said that Raniere “orchestrated crimes at every level of NXIVM operations” and “horribly lied to and/or abused all of my friends.”

Raniere gave direction “to obtain financial records for leverage against every potential anti- NXIVM party. This included getting records for every Judge in every NXIVM related case. Cavanaugh, Falk, Sharpe, Treece, Macevoy, Littlefield, and the Judge in the O’Hara criminal case.”

“Keith began planning his attacks on Bouchey etc. in 2009” and “Keith intended these women (Bouchey) serious, serious, emotional and physical harm.”

Keeffe also claims she told NXIVM attorney Pam Nichols of some of the “goings on” before she left and that she emailed NXIVM attorneys Steve Coffey and Nichols about “three main areas of criminal liability.”

“Clare (Bronfman) and Nancy (Salzman) are like the secretary for Bernie Maddoff” and have “suspended all personal discrimination and judgement and defer to Keith on all things without question,” Keeffe wrote.

3. March 24, 20http://southbuffalonews.com5

Keeffe called Bouchey again (which is audiotaped) and began giving more details of NXIVM’s alleged criminal activities, and how they operated:

In short it was this:

  1. Raniere illegally hacked into Bouchey’s computer server, banking, Emails and phone records, along with other numerous people (which is ironic since it is the very charge of computer trespass [based on an alleged single visit to a NXIVM website with a password] that Bouchey is charged with)
  1. Raniere committed fraud in the Bronfman-funded litigations
  2. Rainere gave instructions to long-standing NXIVM devotees (stooges? fall guys?), Steve Ose and Ben Myers and his harem member Karen Unterreiner, to wipe their computer server clean and rebuild it while entering fabricated data,
  3. Rainere had these three tamper with evidence submitted during discovery.
  4. Raniere committed fraud at every level, tax evasion, and money-laundering in corporate entities and charities

Keeffe provided Bouchey with third party providers that could be subpoenaed to validate these claims:  Email account names, fax numbers, dates, facts, banking information, people involved, charities fraud, corporate money laundering, abuses, and their illegal hacking into people’s banking, computer, phone and Email accounts.


If this is true – crimes have been committed.

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