Part 6: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Allison Mack Left Acting to Brand Women

[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]

Actress Allison Mack, 34, has added her own brand to the works of Keith Raniere, yet some people have expressed surprise that it took the form of a secretive women’s group called DOS (Dominant Over Submissive).

Her prior public persona appears opposite to what DOS seems to stand for.

DOS practices include human branding on women’s pubic areas and the accumulation of nude photos and recordings of confessions of members that appear on the surface to be meant for blackmail. DOS is founded on the teachings of Mr. Raniere.

Miss Mack has acknowledged Mr. Raniere is her mentor. She has not revealed publicly that he often resides with her at her home in the town of Half Moon, a suburb of Albany.

On June 5, the day the story about DOS first appeared, she posted “’Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.’ -#Rumi. Timeless words from one of my favorites.”

Another posting, which went up, then evidently was taken down, was “I am a child whose teacher is LOVE, surely my master won’t let me grow to be a fool.”

From the recent works of Miss Michelle Salzman a reputed member of DOS. The woman in the sketch is wearing the belly chain favored by some of the slaves of Mr. Raniere, including Miss Mack herself.
For 10 years, Miss Mack portrayed Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent’s friend and computer-whiz on the television series Smallville which ended its run in 2011.

She described her character to TV Guide in 2011 as “very accessible” “very relatable, because she’s so real” “very genuine and authentic” “strong and passionate and aggressive [who] makes mistakes and admits the mistakes and tries to grow through them, that makes her feel like someone you’re close to, like a friend.”

The branding of the women of DOS features Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack’s initials – K-R and A-M. Not all women are branded identically but the branding seems similar insofar is it usually covers about two inches by 2 inches in total dimension with Mr. Raneire’s initials central and Miss Mack’s initials in various alignments with his.

Following the branding, the women wear either a necklace – oftentimes with the infinity symbol –or a belly chain or an anklet to show subservience to Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack. Miss Mack wears a belly chain to represent her obedience to Mr. Raniere.

After Miss Mack concluded her work on Smallville, she wrote on her website, [], about her concerns about what she would do next.
“I expressed this concern, this incredible feeling of loss and lack of direction to a dear friend and mentor of mine, Keith Raniere. He asked if I had ever thought about taking a little time away from acting to see what I would find…. I decided to take Keith’s advice and give myself some time to build the character of me. The actual me. …
“I have always wanted to change things in the world. Wanted to be a woman that helps to redefine how all women think and feel about themselves. I have wanted to be a superhero in my own right….

Miss Mack wrote that she soon “found a passion project, something I believe will change and nurture the world while changing and nurturing me in the process: I am working with an incredible new women’s organization, Jness. And through that work I am discovering things about myself I had no idea existed before. All these things were living in the shadow of who I thought I was, who I thought I should be. …. What do I do with this?… Instead of focusing so much on accomplishment, I could instead explore.”

Her exploration seems to have led to DOS and Miss Mack evidently added her own special brand to the work and teachings of Mr. Raniere.

recent posts from Miss Mack’s Facebook:




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