Part 4 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Branding is slipped on like a noose and by surprise

By Frank Parlato

[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]

According to sources:

The women of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] are branded on their pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack [K-R-A-M].

They are taught to consider the cauterized scarring as ceremonial branding and an integral part of initiation into the mystical world of Mr. Raniere.

Women who have been branded admit they consented to be branded, but some felt they were also coerced.

Some women say they were promised entry into a sorority where the highest teachings of Mr. Raniere would be available, but they were not told at the onset that human branding was to be part of the process.

It was women trusting women. Where one trusted female friend – already a member of the Jness women’s group – – a group based on the teachings of Mr. Raniere – would ask a female friend if she wanted to go higher up in the teachings.

The cost of entry into this higher realm was the tendering of a nude photo or a recording specially made of a confession, something embarrassing or damning – even if it was made up – something that could be used against the person — called by Miss Mack and the other women as ‘collateral.’


The pathway to the higher teachings of Keith Raniere may require human branding.

The pathway to the higher teachings of Keith Raniere may require human branding.

The idea behind it was simple: Over the past few decades, Mr. Raniere brought certain women into his inner circle, women to whom he gave his utmost aid and highest teachings and they betrayed him. In essence, they distorted his higher teachings. The women left, he said, and made up lies about him and his intentions.

This caused considerable damage to the reputation of Mr. Raniere and diverted many worthy people from learning from Mr. Raniere.

Had these betraying women given him collateral, they might not have been so eager to make up lies about Mr. Raniere. Furthermore, their disobedience would have passed in time and they would have remained with Mr. Raniere and benefited from the fruits of his teachings.

Fast forward to the recent past and to Miss Mack and her relatively recently conceived DOS plan. The women who trust Miss Mack and other women in Jness, women who sincerely wished to proceed further with the teachings, would either agree to offer collateral or let the opportunity to learn the higher, secret teachings of Mr. Raniere pass them by.

Of course, to deny such an opportunity was tantamount to ending the right to be seriously considered as a student of Mr. Raniere. For all practical purposes that meant, as far as progress with Jness was concerned, they were finished.

Since many of the women work and live in Albany and are dependent for some or all of their income from their work for Mr. Raniere’s enterprises or his student’s enterprises, some women felt that this was not just an opportunity to learn, but also necessary to preserve, or increase their employment opportunities.

Nothing was said about branding initially.

The whole proposition was simple – take a few nude photos, record some confessions of certain things – true or not true. Then – they would be told about secret things that would change their lives for the better. Teachings they could not otherwise possess.

After all, what is the worry? Nude photos or confessions to crimes or betrayals of husbands, boyfriends, friends, family, or business associates would be safely held by a trusted female friend who they know through Jness and from her dedication to Mr. Raniere.

If they did not intend to betray Mr. Raniere, they would have no reason to fear offering collateral for it would never be used against them unless they went against Mr. Raniere.

Of course, it was expressly understood that, if they betrayed Mr. Raniere, his followers would use all available means to release the collateral in every way that would hurt, embarrass, deter and possibly ruin them. This was said to be fair for – as it is taught in Jness – women’s weakness is her word. She must be taught to keep her word.

Once collateral was tendered, then the women would be told that branding was the next requirement as part of a new master-slave relationship that would reveal wondrous teachings.

Failure to agree to the branding would not necessarily mean that the collateral would be released against a woman, but it would in essence mean the woman did not trust Mr. Raniere and therefore the relationship for all practical purposes was over.

A coldness would descend upon the woman who declined to be branded from the other women [who were branded]. Any hope of getting closer with Mr. Raniere was gone.

Under these circumstances some of the women felt they had to go forward and be branded. Some of the women were shocked at the concept of being branded, but concerned about what would happen if they refused. After all, there was a certain danger: they knew about the branding but declined to be branded.

The relationship could only deteriorate once a women refused to be branded.

When you wonder why the women submitted to such an odd indignity as pubic branding please do not fail to recognize that part of the reason might have been fear.

Once the women were branded, Miss Mack required women to make additional monthly contributions of collateral. In this way the cycle is perpetuated and the door opened wide to the fullest influence of Mr. Raniere.

Women were required to submit to restricted caloric diets, paddling when they are deemed disobedient, sleep to the point of deprivation, to further train them and many other things which they are taught to do out of love for Mr. Raniere.

We are shortly to release the names of the women who have been branded and participated in the branding of other women. Before we do, the reader is asked to remember that these women do not need scorn or denigration for their apparent stupidity or conspiracy in the enslavement of themselves or other women.

They may need understanding and compassion.


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