Part 10: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Collateral must be sufficient to destroy

By Frank Parlato

According to sources:

The secret branding rites of the all-female, master-slave group ‘DOS’ [Dominant Over Submissive] headed by former television actress Allison Mack, has been decried by some as abusive to women. [Woman are branded with a cauterizing iron on their pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere and Miss Mack.]

Mr. Raniere is the conceptual founder of DOS.

Some are quick to blame Mr. Raniere as being some sort of “evil genius” for implementing the DOS branding program, with the aid of Dr. Danielle Roberts, MD a licensed physician who performs the actual branding.

But it is the requirement of collateral that seems to have drawn the attention of some people who call DOS illegal, including possibly certain law enforcement officials who are reportedly investigating the authenticity of published reports on DOS.

Assuming the facts are correct about the secret woman’s organization, the structure of DOS  obviously requires collateral and cannot work without it.

That should be taken into consideration.

Members of DOS are required to find other women to join DOS if it is to grow.

These woman are invited into a secret sorority which is based on teachings that “build honor and character”.

In order to learn about the sorority, collateral is needed to insure a woman is serious and won’t reveal the secrets of DOS. Usually a simple nude picture will suffice at the onset.

It is expressly understood that ‘collateral’ will only be used against a woman if she defects. If she does not swear she won’t betray secrets of DOS she is not allowed to give collateral and cannot join DOS.

Then daily teachings begin. And additional collateral is given.

The need for secrecy is obvious. To outsiders the teachings may seem bizarre. Once a woman is branded, for example, she may not go to sleep without permission. She has to maintain a diet with a certain limited amount of calories. And be prepared for readiness drills 24 hours per day. Signals go out for drills and slaves must respond within one minute or be punished by paddling on bare buttocks.

One can easily see why collateral is needed. The branding, the sleep deprivation and other techniques devised to build discipline and character in women sound strange to outsiders who might hastily judge and destroy the organization without understanding it, supporters say.

Keith Raniere has offered DOS teachings free to women.

Keith Raniere has offered DOS teachings free to women.


Each month additional collateral is required.

Monthly collateral can be more nude photographs and videos; or audio and video recordings of admissions of activities which a woman would otherwise wish to keep secret. Mr. Raniere teaches collateral builds character and conscience.

“If you offer some weight in the form of collateral, you’re more likely to put weight behind your word.” Mr. Raniere teaches. “Women have a weak word and through collateral they learn to keep their word.”

The nude photographs are often raunchy and graphic and while these might not embarrass a model appearing in an airbrushed photograph in Hustler magazine – they can be embarrassing for businesswomen or mothers if they were to appear on the internet or in their husband’s email inbox.

Before making a DOS lifetime commitment, collateral such as addendum to wills, deeds to houses, bank accounts, and more nude photos and recordings are required. Some women pledge guardianship or custody of their children, or admit certain acts that would ensure child protective services would take their children.

Women who have no illegal or harmful secrets are told it is acceptable to fictionalize events on recordings to fulfill collateral provided the narrative is plausible and sounds authentic. For instance, a woman may admit to prostitution or adultery even if she never did, but she must give plausible details so her husband, family, friends, employers etc. will believe the recording and the recording must be able to harm her present career or marriage in some material capacity.

The purpose of collateral is, if it is used, to destroy a woman’s life, leaving her without a safety net. This is meant to help ensure she does not fail in the teachings.

Every master demands collateral. The master holds the collateral and a copy goes to the master’s master. All masters have taken a vow to obey Mr. Raneire.

Two of the leaders of DOS. Lauren Salzman [left] and Allison Mack.

Two of the leaders of DOS. Lauren Salzman [left] and Allison Mack.

Records and photographs may also be held by Mr. Raniere or his agents. Duplicates are made to ensure they are available in case of loss, theft or fire.

The teachings also continue.

Each slave is required to perform acts of self denial. This denial may be food deprivation. Some women are denied sex for six months or a year. Some women are forbidden to date, others who plan to get pregnant are forbidden to do so through sexual intercourse but must get pregnant invitro.

Collateral is tailored.

Respected businesswomen do striptease videos that would look ridiculous if it appeared online and destroy that person’s credibility.

A lawyer admits to withholding evidence. A stockbroker admits to insider trading. A doctor admits she committed malpractice.

DOS is different than other organizations founded on the teachings of Mr. Raniere.

Mr. Raniere is also the conceptual founder of other organizations including Executive Success Programs, NXIVM, Knife of Aristotle, The Source, the Ethicist and Jness. All of these require students to pay for lessons.

The women of DOS do not pay in money for their lessons. To receive the “tools” from DOS – students have to pay with loyalty.  The women of DOS are not even charged for the costly expense of being branded.

Mr. Raniere teaches that it is ethical to pay for what one receives.

Women pay in collateral – that will never be forfeited unless there is betrayal. In this respect DOS is free to every woman.

The five forms of collateral are those which destroy: 1 career 2 relationships 3 reputation 4 family 5 finances.

The purpose of the five is that in the event of betrayal every aspect of life can be sequentially or simultaneously destroyed.

Collateral must be fully able to eliminate a woman’s “safety net” in life, the knowledge of which is meant to help her maintain obedience which is essential to get the most from the teachings.

Then the sisterhood bonding experience can begin.

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