Did Raniere ‘teach’ mother to encourage her daughters to sleep with him?

Did Keith Raniere (AKA Vanguard) persuade Nancy Salzman that it would be good for her daughters to sleep with him?.

Ex-NXIVM member, Becca Friedman recalls this about Salzman:

“During this [2006] seminar Salzman also talked about how men [fathers] become attracted to their daughters when they hit teenage-hood, because the kids look so much like their mothers. This was totally disgusting and really turned a lot of people off. Most of us could not understand what she was talking about, why and what it had to do with feeling empowered as a woman.”

Here is a supposition:

Salzman spoke about this father-to-daughter attraction at the seminar because Raniere had introduced the concept to Salzman in order to accomplish his own plan to sleep with Salzman’s daughters.

She may have adopted the concept without knowing Raniere’s intent.

Here is another supposition:

Raniere tells Salzman that fathers are attracted sexually to their daughters because it reminds them of their wife when the father first met her and fell in love, or, when the father impregnated the mother. Ergo, a mother should be flattered and not have  conventional, unenlightened disdain for this normal, incestuous attraction.

Toni Natalie recalled that Raniere was not opposed to incest:

As reported in the Albany Times Union, “Another time, when [Natalie’s] conservative Catholic upbringing made her reluctant to engage in oral sex, she was invited to attend a class Raniere created on the subject. She said he told the students, including Natalie, that mothers in some developing nations perform oral sex on their children to soothe them. She suspects the class was organized just for her.”

According to another NXIVM source, Raniere did not organize the class for Natalie but taught the mother son oral sex concept before and after.

The source also said that Raniere maintained that sex with children is acceptable as long as there is no pain involved.

As for having sex with pubescent, or near pubescent children,  Raniere seems to have practiced what he preached.

One of his saleswomen at Consumer Buyline had a 12-year-old daughter, Rhiannon. When Raniere offered free tutoring to the girl, her mother was pleased since she thought Raniere was like an Einstein who could teach her daughter as no one else could.

“He was supposed to teach her Latin and algebra,” The Albany Times Union reported following interviews with the mother and daughter. “Instead, [the daughter] said, he told her she hugged like a child, her arms wrapped around him but her hips pushed away. He taught her to hug the way adults do, pelvis-to-pelvis.”

Rhiannon recalled that Raniere had sex with her in his townhouse, in empty offices, in an elevator, and a broom closet. After about 60 encounters, she ran away from home.

“He took my innocence,” she told the Times Union. ‘I can never get that back.”

Raniere has also been observed flirting with a student’s teenage daughter.

According to a court filing, one of them, a successfully businessman, attended a Halloween party at Salzman’s house, with mostly inner circle women.

When he saw Keith costumed only in a bathrobe with a large, artificial penis sticking out, he realized, “oh, my God, he’s having sex probably with most of the women in this room.”

That was not all that troubled he man.  He had a daughter in her late teens. Raniere “was flirting and making intimate gestures towards her.” He and his daughter left the organization.

According to “Poor Little Rich Girls” published in the New York Observer [August 10, 2010] Raniere has a  “revolving cast of disciples-cum-girlfriends-currently said to include Sara Bronfman and Ms. Salzman’s daughters Lauren and Michelle.”

Which brings us to Salzman, at the seminar, where she talked about fathers becoming attracted to their teenage daughters because they look like their mothers.

Another supposition:

Raniere spoke lovingly to Salzman about when he first met Salzman, and how attracted he was to her, and how his daughters look just like she looked then and ….

A NXIVM source who fled NXIVM and returned to her home recently told me that Raniere, “tells women that sex is an opportunity for him to teach in a way that words won’t.  The  women have to come to believe he is doing them a spiritual favor when he has sex with them.”

Several sources inside NXIVM have said Salzman handed her daughters to Raniere to be taught this way.

If true, this shows how Raniere handled a delicate situation [of informing a mother that he wants to sleep with her daughters] with unusual genius.


Nancy Salzman 2003

natalie salzman

Salzman with Toni Natalie (1990’s)

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Young Nancy

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Lauren Salzman

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sLauren with Allison Mack


Michelle Salzman

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