Keith Raniere, self-proclaimed smartest man in the world and spiritually evolved guru



lived and worked with NXIVM for several months as their round-the-clock consultant, staying in their properties and communicating closely day and night with their top officials. That included leaders Keith Raniere, hypnotist and president of the organiztion, Nancy Salzman, and the wealthy Seagram heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman who fund the operation.

At first I thought they were a much persecuted but kindly group of people who were being attacked for having a different belief system. I later came to believe they were operating a criminal enterprise.

Since beginning my series last month, victims of NXIVM who were past members have contacted me. They are people who managed to get out and want to lend their testimony to this series. But others are still there, perhaps afraid to leave, intimidated by the vast wealth of the Seagram heirs and the NXIVM history of destroying its enemies. I am therefore creating a new website,, to help those who feel trapped escape the clutches of Keith Raniere and the Bronfman sisters.

Starting next week I will detail my personal sojourn with the organization.

This week, I am offering hope to those persecuted and who want to escape. These can contact me through the new website or by email or by phone at 716-990-5740. All communications will be kept confidential.

Forbes Magazine Cover

Forbes Magazine Cover

Among alleged crimes I have evidence of or information that can be developed into evidence of NXIVM – and its leader, Raniere and its wealthy “justice purchasing” members, Seagram heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman, are: Hacking into people’s personal emails, phone records, and bank accounts; bribing Mexican judges and politicians; massive tax evasion; smuggling $10 million into the US in cash from Mexico; bringing illegal aliens across the border at Niagara Falls and then imprisoning them; allegations from victims of statutory rape; cover up of at least two suicides; engaging in a classic Klein Conspiracy to impede the function of the IRS, with more than 75 corporate entities and/or “shell” companies, with scores of shifting bank accounts; paying employees’ salaries and telling them not to pay income taxes – and even a possible admission of having people killed.

As some readers know, the facts surrounding my involvement in a real estate deal in Los Angeles involving Clare and Sara Bronfman, and Raniere have been reported on in Vanity Fair, the New York Post and the Buffalo News.

A wealth of new information however has never been published – the result of years-long research into this dangerous cult including information I personally witnessed.

Clare Bronfman

Clare Bronfman

As former member Kristen Keeffe wrote, as published in the Albany Times Union, “All the worst things you know about NXIVM are true but there is so much more horrendous things going on even you will be horrified.”

The alleged criminality also includes:

• The Bronfmans giving (or perhaps being swindled out of) $100 million to/by Raniere through various shell corporations. Raniere never reported the income. The Bronfmans never reported the gift, preferring to fraudulently list it as a loan with (phantom) interest payments.

• The Bronfmans allegedly took more than $1 million fraudulent write off for “litigation support” which was in fact an illegal surveillance on judges involved in their many lawsuits.

• Raniere’s cult NXIVM made millions in coaching fees but never paid taxes.

• Certain top Bronfman/Raniere aides have not filed tax returns for years. A lot of people are on the hook and sources say they will “roll” on Raniere if law enforcement becomes interested in what is possibly one of the largest tax evasion schemes in the nation.

• Bronfmans set up false charities and under-reported income while helping launder millions from Mexico into the USA for Raniere.

• More than a dozen carriers brought cash to Raniere and these are the ones “who will roll” on Raniere and Bronfman, sources say.

• Raniere allegedly hid more than $2 million in cash stored in a basement safe in a suburb near Albany – in a home owned by Nancy Salzman – for his escape to Mexico if authorities come after him.

• Raniere has not reported one dollar in taxes.

• The Bronfmans and NXIVM bundled money to politicians in return for promises of indictments against their enemies.

• Bronfmans may have evaded more than $35 million in unpaid taxes through deceitful “loans” to Raniere.

• NXIVM had offices on Buffalo Ave. in Niagara Falls where plans were made to launch illegal attacks on enemies.

The NY Post on March 27, 2010 reported that Raniere “Blew through $100 million of (Bronfmans’) fortune…. Raniere ran out of money to fund a long-running commodities scheme and a real-estate development deal involving (the late Edgar Bronfman Sr.’s) two daughters, Clare and Sara”.

Many believe Raniere swindled the two gullible sisters out of the money.

In another story, “Guru: Blow off taxes” (January 31, 2011) the NY Post writes, “The leader of an Albany ‘cult’ financed by the Bronfman booze fortune urged followers to dodge taxes…. and dispatched top advisors to break into the homes and ‘sweep’ the bank accounts of his detractors, according to a new court filing.”

On October 22, 2010, the NY Post wrote, “An accused con man who runs an upstate ‘cult’ bankrolled by the Bronfman booze fortune has ‘had people killed,’ he boasts in an explosive new video. “Keith Raniere, who runs Albany-based NXIVM, makes the chilling claim on tape to female followers who confronted him with their concerns about the group, which has been derided by detractors as a harmful ‘cult’.”

The Albany Times Union reported that Raniere serially raped underage girls, and used Bronfman money to pursue and hunt down enemies.

Today NXIVM continues to operate from its Albany region headquarters, drawing new believers from across North America. About 12,000 people, it has been estimated, have taken the courses paying up to $10,000 for a 16-day “brainwashing” seminar.

NXIVM evidently never reported income despite receiving substantial fees from students and large gifts from the Bronfmans.

During seminars, students must remove thier shoes, bow and refer to Raniere and Salzman, as “Vanguard” and “Prefect” respectively, and wear colored sashes denoting their rank in the organization.

Among NXIVM’s highest ranking members – the knowing enablers of the alleged crimes – are the sisters, Bronfman.

Prominent past and present clients include Linda Evans, Richard Branson, TV actress Kristin Kreuk, Sheila Johnson, co-founder of BET; Antonia Novello, former Surgeon General of the United States; Stephen Cooper of Enron; and Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of former Mexican president Vicente Fox.

“It’s like a practical MBA,” Emiliano Salas, son of a former Mexican president and a member, told Forbes magazine in 2003.

A membership urged not to pay taxes

Our investigation has uncovered that, among the highly secretive NXIVM membership, some of whom work for the Bronfmans and/or NXIVM and earn money – and some of whom have not reported their earnings – are, Karen Abney, Vera Alvarez del Castillo, Anthony N. Ames a/k/a/ “Nippy”, Vera Autrey Da Costa, Lisa Barwise, Wayne J. Bates, Kimberly A. Beekman, Matthew A. Beekman, Barbara M. Bell, Jose A. Beltran, Michael L. Bennett, Carole L. Bergeron, Shaun D. Bergeron, Alexander (Alejandro) Betancourt Lesdesma, Edgar Boone, Omar Boone, Christopher K. Bowcutt, Channel A. Bowden, Luis Miguel Boy, Anna B. Boyce, Sally G. Brink, Crystal Brooks, Kim Busby, Victor Diego Cadena Boone, Pamela A. Cafritz, Roberto Cardenas, Jack Casey, Claudia Castaneda, Cedric F. Celik, • Esther L. Chiappone/Carlson, Tracy Christopher, Sean R. Claesgens, Lorri E. Clark, Christine Collins, Pam Cooley, Sean H. Craney, Stephen P. Dautell, James J. DelNegro, Katie L. Deming, Lisa A. Derks, Marvin W. Derks, Jeff T. DeWeese, Jennifer A. DeWeese, Franca DiCrescenzo, J. Mark Drexel, Dazzle Ekblad, Peter S. Fallon, Hector Fernandez, Adrianna Fernandez, Brendan J. Flanigan, Rebecca (“Becky”) C. Freeman, Loretta Garza Davila, Katharine W. Gibson, Mark Hildreth, Allison N. Hlas, Siobhan J. Hotaling, Wende Irick, Barbara Jeske, Edward Kinnum, Kristin Laura Kreuk, Rick Ley, Silvia Lloyd, Lorraine Loshin, Milton Loshin, Allison Mack, Patrick Maloney, Virginia (Ginger) Mcintosh, Eugene M. McLaughlin, Matthew J. McMorris, Dawn Morrison, Megan Mumford, Ivy Nevares, Adrianna Nienow, Steven T. Ose, Sarah Peters, Farouk Rojas, Wendy Rosen-Brooks, Kathy Russell a/k/a “Sage”, Emiliano Salinas Occelli, Lauren R. Salzman, Michael A. Salzman, Michelle D. Salzman, Angelo F. Scaturro, Angel P. Smith, Michael Sutton, Alissa S. Taft, Michele J. Tarzia, Karen A. Unterreiner a/k/a “Gozer”, Juliana Vicente, Mark A. Vicente, Antonio (Tony) Zarattini.

The above named are invited to break from the secretive organization and reveal the activities of the Raniere/Bronfman enterprise to this writer or the authorities.

A Host of Shell Corporations

NXIVM Corp (New York State corp.) has many related and affiliated corporate entities or “shell” companies and appears to be engaged in a classic Klein Conspiracy to defraud the government.

The shell companies – all of them under the control of Raniere are ostensibly owned by various Raniere followers.

Raniere’s name appears on none of them.

The associated bank accounts also do not have Raniere’s name or social security number on any of them. To date we have identified 75 different entities under Raniere’s putative control which do not have his name attached.

Many, perhaps all, according to our sources, have never paid income taxes.

The list of companies include:

• 26 Realty Property Management, LLC

• A Cappella Innovations, Inc.

• Aletheia LLC

• Alpha Development Group

• Axiology, Inc. (Nevada: March 18, 2008)

• Buyers Advocate, Inc. (Delaware: June 28, 1999)

• Center for Ethical Justice LLC (Delaware: October 7, 2007)

• Consumers Advocate, Inc.

• Consumers Buyline, Inc.

• Crosspoint Communication, Inc.

• Ethilogia

• Elite Housing Corporation

• Elite Marketing Professionals, Inc. (Delaware; August 26, 1 999)

• Essence Interactive

• Ethletics LLC

• Ethical Principles Inc.,

• Ethical Publishing LLC (Delaware: August 26, 1999)

• Ethical Value Exchange, Inc.

• Events for Humanity, Inc. (Delaware: November 2, 2007)

• Executive Housing & Properties, Inc. (Delaware: January 28, 2004)

• Executive Housing & Properties, Inc. (New York State: January 9, 2004)

• Executive Success Programs, Inc. (Delaware: July 20, 1998)

• Executive Success Programs, Inc. (New York State: May 6, 2002)

• First Principles Inc. (Delaware)

• Grow Sport, Ltd. (Great Britain)

• House of Equus LLC

• In Lak Ech

• International Center for Change, Inc. (New York State: October 14, 1992)

• J. Cricket LLC

• JM Tax Consulting

• Jness

• Karmar

• Krunch Corporation

• Las Casitas Rental

• Moving Pix LLC

• My Home, Inc.

• Nataraja Center for Movement Arts

• NXIVM Corporation (Puerto Rico: October 25, 2005)


• NXIVM Properties LLC, (NYS),

• NX Trust

• Occam’s Razor LLC

• Our Evolution LLC

• Peak Physique, Inc.

• PERSENSEO, Inc. (Delaware)


• Precision Development, LLC (Nevada)

• Rainbow Cultural Garden, Inc. (Delaware: September 7, 2007)

• Rainbow Cultural Garden LLC

• Remick Consulting (Delaware)

• Rochester Media Management LLC

• Signature Event Marketing Group

• Slate River Farm, Inc.

• Slate River Mobile LLC (Delaware)

• Slate Sista Farm LLC

• Spirit@19, Inc. (Delaware)

• Sunshine Properties LLC

• The Art of Movement, Inc. (Delaware: April 12, 2004)

• The Athletics Foundation

• The Dalai Lama Trust

• The Ethical Foundation, Inc. (Fictitious)

• The Ethical Foundation, Inc. (Massachusetts: January 22, 1979)

• The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation

• The Ethical Science Foundation (Delaware)

• The First Foundation, Inc.

• The Raniere Group, Inc. (Delaware: April 12, 1994)

• The Think Fund, Inc. (Nevada: October 10, 2001)

• The World Ethical Foundations Consortium

• Truth LLC (Delaware: August 23, 2007)

• Ultima ® (New York State: May 6, 2008)

• Veinte Seiz LLC f7k/a Blue Skies LLC

• Veinte Siete LLC f/k/a Charly’s Wings LLC

• Village Hall LLC

• Whare LLC

• World Audience Productions LLC

Stay tuned.



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