Stupid Party ? I Think Not, Stupid Politicians ?…I Think So!




Both parties can claim some really stupid people BUT… there is a MAJOR difference between the two parties and that is…which one believes in our RULE of LAW!?

You see, the Democrat Party believes in the true definition of a Democratic society and that is a duly elected majority ruling the Democracy with the minority (losers) enjoying only those rights “granted” by the winning majority (Democrats). They believe that they should make the laws and the Government should provide all necessities of life; from food, work, housing, health care (to those THEY feel should get it) , education and so forth. AND …there is NO private ownership of property in a Democratic Society! Don’t read it …just vote for her, you’ll find out later!

Republicans, similarly believe that the duly elected winning majority (Republicans) should “rule” BUT, within our RULE OF LAW, and ALL people should enjoy the RIGHTS that are guaranteed by our CONSTITUTION and our RULE OF LAW in our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!

Now getting a Democrat to admit to  the truth, as Hillary CLEARLY demonstrated before Congress, is really tough as the truth hurts so they call it “progressive”. That’s right, “progressive” thinking! It’s progressive for you to lose the right to bear arms, as long as the Ruling Democrats have guns. It’s progressive for you to lose your right to privacy (ask your doctor to show you what he has put on the Obama Care Government computer about your health)!

These are things that are going on that you should be smart enough to realize!

But I MUST say that the STUPID decisions by really freaking STUPID, elected, Democrats seem to cost MANY more lives that the STUPID Republican decisions!

Allow me to give you JUST a few examples… It is universally accepted that Iran, and it’s Supreme leader, the Ayatollah Khomeini, are responsible for 99% of the Terrorism in the WORLD!  How did that happen? President Jimmy Carter, a stupid DEMOCRAT, listened to his stupid advisers who assured him that the Ayatollah was a humanitarian, peace loving, a wonderful human being that Jimmy should get released from exile and help put the Shah of Iran (a proven US friend) into exile.

Long story short, thanks to Carter, in early 1979 the Ayatollah took over Iran and was behind the taking of Americans hostage from the US Embassy and kept them for 444 days, UNTIL the very day a Republican, President Reagan was SWORN IN! Now for you people who say we can’t stop Muslims from entering the US, Jimmy Carter DID when he realized how stupid he is! Using the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 he BANNED ALL Iranian Muslims from entering the US, ordered ALL Iranian Muslim college students to register and DEPORTED 15,000! How many deaths is Khomeini responsible for, 40 years AFTER Carter, thanks to President Carter’s brilliant decisions?

Here’s another one… President Clinton knew who Osama Bin Laden was because Lt Col Ollie North told both him and brain dead Al Gore in 1989 during the Iran Contra Hearings!

According to the CIA Operative who went public, the CIA had Bin Laden in their sights no less than 3 times. Clinton said “NO”, “NO”, “NO”,… not the Director of the CIA but Clinton said “NO”! Then 8 years of that moron and 8 months of George Bush and Bin Laden causes the death of more Americans than Pearl Harbor… 3000 dead Americans!

Name a Republican President as stupid as either one of those two and who caused the deaths of more innocent Americans than Pearl Harbor! Name ONE!

I do know one, who IS that stupid! She is none other than the “presumptive” Democrat Candidate, a “truthful”, “honest”, “experienced”, “good decision making Democrat”, who also killed Americans!

If only we could find a candidate who wants to stop the terrorist Muslims from ENTERING the US and who wants to attack them at THEIR home instead at OUR home… a candidate who would NOT have given Iran 1.5 Billion dollars to kill Americans, or a candidate who wants to build up our economy and military and enforce OUR RULE OF LAW!

Anybody know of one?

Japan…NO Muslims…NO terrorism?!



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