SoleTurn Set for Big Show Saturday at Hamburg Public House

By Tony Farina

The super-hot rock band SoleTurn is coming off two tremendously successful shows this past weekend and is planning on another big turnout on Saturday (June 29) at 7 at the Hamburg Public House on Lake Erie where they will be performing on the patio stage, weather permitting, with the lake as a breathtaking background.  If it rains, the show will move to the inside bar, says owner Frank Testa.

SoleTurn’s Vik Bhargava, Zachary Michael and Rob Helms play to a beach full of fans this past weekend

Audiences are in for a dynamic show, especially when bassist Zachary Michael picks up the sax 

It will be the third show of the group’s summer lake concert series that began June 21 following their sold-out performance at Sportsmen’s Tavern in March which drew a standing-room only crowd.  That show was held before Sportsmen’s expansion is completed which will double the size of the legendary club, says owner Dwayne Hall.

SoleTurn performing at Sportsmen’s

Testa, of Hamburg Public House, calls SoleTurn “a well-polished group that packs the house” and says he is looking forward to Saturday’s show.

And packing the house has become routine for SoleTurn as they drew a big crowd at the Blueberry Treehouse Café last Friday and also at Marge’s Lakeside Inn on Lake Ontario last Saturday night.

Another packed venue for SoleTurn at The Blueberry Treehouse Cafe

Be sure to hydrate and slap on the SPF because SoleTurn’s music is hot and getting hotter

“It was a perfect summer day,” said Vik Bhargava, SoleTurn’s lead vocalist in describing the show at Marge’s where the group, with their mix of old and new that audiences love, performed a three-hour show that fans received very well.

Bhargava says the guys in the group are super stoked about the response they are receiving as they prepare to release their debut album, “The Soundtrack of Our Youth.”

Vik Bhargava, Zachary Michael, Robert Helms and Patrick Mudd turning it up to 11

Of last week’s shows, Bhargava said “It was a real pleasant surprise to see so many people come out to entirely difference venues in two different cities    I feel good knowing that people enjoyed themselves and the guys just played incredible.  When you have to sing your heart out for three hours, it makes my job a heck of a lot easier when you’ve got a solid band behind you.  We’ve really been able to tighten our sound and live act as we’re going to have a big album release concert in the coming months.  Zachary (Michael), myself and the guys are super excited.”

The “guys” include Zachary Michael, bass/vocals, Rob Helms, drums/vocals, and Patrick Mudd, keyboards/vocals.

It is a group that seems to be catching fire as the season moves on and more and more folks turn out to hear their music. As Vik says, “it is about the song, and connecting with people. That’s what we are all about.”

Donny Frauenhofer Zachary Michael, Vik Bhargava and Pat O’Connell pose beneath a canopy of trees at The Blueberry Treehouse Cafe after a stellar performance

We’ll have more on this group, including a show set for Aug. 3 at Cuba Rocks the Dock, at Cuba Lake.


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