Taking One Step at a Time to Help Improve the Lives of Children Who Need it the Most in North Tonawanda

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

North Tonawanda residents Nicole Wilson and her husband Tom were putting one foot in front of the other as this past week as they walked to ‘stamp out Apraxia.’

A severe neurological speech disorder affecting 1 in every 1,000 children, it was something Nicole and Tom didn’t know existed prior to their son Aiden, age six, being diagnosed.

“The brain does not send the proper signals to tongue, the jaw and the lips to make clear sounds,” said Nicole.

Nicole, feeling that not enough was begin done in terms of research for the disorder, organized this years 11th Annual Western New York Walk for Apraxia.



The walk took place at Raymond Klimek Veterans Park and dozens of people gathered to take part in the event.

People from across North Tonawanda and beyond walked around the one-mile course to support Aiden and others afflicted by this disorder.

Wilson admits the condition can be a daily struggle for her young son but that she is hopeful for a positive prognosis.

“It requires intensive speech therapy and you just have to do a lot of repetitive speech,” said Wilson.

The community support is just the latest example of support residents throughout North Tonawanda display for their neighbors.  more reason North Tonawanda

They were hoping to raise more than $15,000 dollars from the walk with all money going to fund treatment plans.

“Treatment options for kids with Apraxia are not covered by most insurance companies,” said Tom. “The money goes directly to ‘Apraxia Kids,’ which is a foundation helping families that need it.”



The walk has become an annual tradition for many who seek to improve the lives of kids affected by Apraxia and support the families of those children.

“My son was diagnosed with apraxia at age 3 and he is now 9,” said Melissa Boomer. “This event is important because it raises money and awareness to help other families. I like coming here because you get to meet other families with kids who have apraxia. It’s nice to meet other people who are going through the same thing.”

For more information about Apraxia or donating you can contact Nicole Wilson at wilson0681@yahoo.com

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