Nearly 1,700 Homes in North Tonawanda Have Access to Greenlight’s Fiber Network

1,643 homes in North Tonawanda now have access to Greenlight’s fiber network, with more on the way! If you live in one of these Greenlight districts shown below and want to make the switch to fiber, use this link to place your order: Check Availability – Greenlight Networks

Greenlight also has preliminary pole work in 5 new North Tonawanda Greenlight Districts. Residents in these districts can sign up for email updates and notifications once construction begins. 

 You can use the interactive map to see what Greenlight district your street is in: Greenlight Networks Buffalo Niagara District Map (

 More residents will have access to this service as Greenlight continues their build out!

Note: Some areas in Orange may have access already. Check the link above to see.

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