Swogier Recognized by North Tonawanda Common Council

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Mark Swogier is now the new goodwill ambassador for North Tonawanda. He is best known for performing his accordian at the City Market.

 This week Swogier has presented a certificate from members of the Common Council. After being named the goodwill ambassador Swogier played “God Bless America” on his harmonica. 

Swogier is a native of North Tonawanda and was actually one of Mayor Art Pappas’s students when he was a teacher. For City Officials there is one better than Swogier to represent the City.

“I think back to when he was sitting in my 6th grade class and he had that same smile on his face and the same goodwill attitude towards his classmates, was always very friendly. Once in a while I had to remind him to get his work in but I never remember him having a problem with classmates. He got along so well with everyone and he has not changed, I was a little surprised to learn he played the accordian,” said Pappas.

As the City Ambassador Swogier could be called upon to attend some City events and related events. For him it’s something he is proud of.

“I am very proud, I am very honored, I am very thrilled, I am very excited. I am so blessed for this great country of ours and the City of North Tonawanda,” said Swogier.

Swogier can be seen weekends at the City Market spreading his good cheer.


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