Spreading Child Abuse Awareness in North Tonawanda

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda 

According to the most recent statistics, one in five children across the United States will be a victim of  child abuse. To help lower those numbers and educate people about the dangers of child abuse members of the Erie/Niagara Sunrise Exchange Club were out in full force this weekend spreading awareness. 

“Every April we have special promotions,” said Susan Gilbert, Event Organizer. “Like on Monday we ask people to wear blue for child abuse, we lit up the Peace Bridge and we lit up the Electric Tower for awareness of child abuse.”

April is child abuse prevention month and on Saturday volunteers were handing out brochures and talking to people across North Tonawanda about ways to prevent this growing problem.

“Nationwide it is a big issue,” said Gilbert, “and it can be either mental, physical, it is a big problem here in our area.”

She says Education is the key.

“We try and make people aware of it and there are agencies that people can go to for help,” said Gilbert. “Things like social services, we also have a web site, where people can go to and look for help.”

If you would like more information on child abuse you can contact the Erie-Niagara Sunrise Exchange Club at 716-381-5087.


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