SoleTurn Will Have Great Musical Show at Sportsmen’s Tavern on March 23

By Tony Farina

If you are of sound mind and can put your cell phone aside for a few hours, you may be able to reach a very special place in time by listening to reimagined oldies and some new music to excite your senses courtesy of the rock group SoleTurn at the legendary Sportsmen’s Tavern on Saturday night, March 23 at 8 p.m.

SoleTurn’s lead vocalist Vik Bhargava along with Zachary Michael (bass/vocals), Rob Helms (drums/vocals), and Patrick Mudd, (keyboard/vocals) will bring the notion of ‘the song’ front and center in their show playing many songs from the 1980s and beyond and reimagining many of the hits as well as slipping in a few of their own originals.


As Bhargava puts it, it will allow fans to yearn for the days of being one with the music with everything about “the song, man” and how it made you feel.

SoleTurn’s lead vocalist literally brims with excitement in pitching his rock group in connecting people like the days before cell phones took over and bringing back the notion of people talking to each with music always the focal point of a party.

Nowadays, as Bhargava sees it, “everything is diluted because of all the other infinite options available that are often times distractions from having a true out-of-body experience with the actual song.” SoleTurn wants to bring back that music connection and that’s the prime agenda of its musical fare. Connect and enjoy the music. “It’s about the song, man,” as he states it, and that’s the world of SoleTurn.

No, it is not about returning to 1985 but rather reconnecting to a time when people talked to each other, not just their cell phones. Enjoying music and friends, a little bit like it used to be at those leather-jacket parties of years ago. Wear what you want but enjoy the music and time with friends, new and old.

SoleTurn has just completed their debut studio album which will be released later this year, using many of the technologies utilized in the 1980s. In the meantime, they will be busy playing around many local clubs, leading off with the Sportsmen’s Tavern on March 23.  Hope to see you there.  This old journalist plans on being there and connecting with everyone I can. Love the agenda that SoleTurn is offering.

“It’s about the music, man.”

March 23, at 8 p.m.
The Sportsmen Tavern
326 Amherst St
Buffalo NY
Tickets ($10) can be purchased at the door unless it’s sold out. Presale is recommended at






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