Small Business Saturday in North Tonawanda

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

They were shopping small and hoping to find big savings. Across Webster Street in North Tonawanda shoppers were out in full force for Small Business Saturday.

It’s a day that encourages people to avoid the big box stores and shop locally. For many it’s the perfect way to spend the day.

“I do not do black Friday,” said Jenny Hoddick, North Tonawanda Resident. “I like Small Business Saturday because in these stores it is easier to find things and it’s a lot of fun.”

Inside stores like ‘Spiritually Rooted’ people were looking and finding some great sales. Despite the rain people say it’s important to support the local mom and pop stores.

“I like to support the local economy and you do not have to deal with all of the crowds. I really like the stores that are down here and I wish they would get more,” said Carol Best.



In addition to supporting the small businesses many say they like shopping locally because you get gift that you cannot find any place else.

“We just were over at Mulberry Tree and Lane Jewelers,” said Chelsea Falzone. “The people are just so friendly and it is hometown, and we love it. For me it really means something when you give these gifts to someone.”

Tracey Gilbert also likes to support the small business. She came all the way from Buffalo just to shop here.

“I just like to support the local stores, we can out here to support these businesses. We really like all the unusual, the hand crafted, the made in the USA sometimes, we really like that and getting these one of a kind gifts,” said Gilbert.

For store owners it was a day to not only sell merchandise but also see some familiar faces.

“It is going great,” said Holly Ranke, Hip Gipsey. “People are coming out in the rain. People are really feeling like they are giving back to the local community a little bit and I know who they are when they walk in, it is a place where you know someone’s name. It’s a good thing.”

For retailers it’s that one on one customer service that they hope will translate into big sales as the holiday shopping season gets underway.

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