Skrlin Reports on April Niagara Falls Democrat Committee Party

By Gerald Skrlin

The Niagara Falls New York Democrat Party held a fundraiser on April 14, at the Third St. Eatery. At the Democrat Party’s party, they had a trivia contest in which the questions got progressively easier to answer, mostly because they were too hard and one question was outright ridiculous.

But besides describing a boring event for a kid, the event went quite well, well, oh well.

Knowing what to expect when meeting people who associate with minor policy and financial decision-makers helps prepare investigative journalists before-hand. Party promotional events of this type involve working class people, among whom may be found quite educated people. A Juris Doctor, so to speak, meaning a JD or in proper terms, a lawyer. We got a lot of info on lawyers, such as who’s toeing the line, etc.

The purpose of the NFNY Democrat’s political party was to fundraise, and out of the group of about 30 people at $40.00 for table top pickinns, the price seemed moderate.

The food was quite good, though a turkey sand-witch at home is just about the same.


There was no agenda at the meeting. It was a social event for the most active Democrats to associate among themselves, but an ideal snapshot for social research into how the different ingroups have formed within the larger ingroup.

There appeared no overly warm interchange among the three leadership groups.

As I mentioned, about 30 people attended the event from the Niagara Falls Democrat Committee Party, the North Tonawanda Political gang, and the Niagara County Dem Political Party.

A couple of Niag Co. legislators and another party director, and a bunch of others, wives and husbands and one kid, attended.

The event carried a rather serious and somber note or atmosphere,. After all there were people from Niagara Falls who oppose each other in their desire to gain city council membership. For them both, it will be a close call. Some political dynamics are beginning to expose Democrat hubris and confidence in, “Vote Blue no matter who!”

The atmosphere was solemn, not too much laughter or shouting out, as though they would all be engaged in a victory celebration. The meeting was much more business-like and serious, and even more so when reacting to direct inquiries.

Some people cannot answer a direct question without searching their minds for reasons why the question was asked. That was clear when speaking to one Board Party member from Niagara County. A simple question stumped him even when it was repeated five times, or was it the habitual former Dyster-type psychological evasion tactics we are so accustomed to?

The political trivia questions were very difficult and had no relation to Niagara Falls, which a couple voices had suggested prior to the trivia questions. They were about interesting facts mentioned, while some questions led off the table!

The continuity of the event felt awkward, quite awkward, as such events normally are, seeing they are leadership events where people’s viewpoints clash on minor issues, and major issues alike. But it is necessary to go to them to find out the truth, where their political loyalties lie, and where they tell the truth.

The continuity, the essence of party cohesion, lacked firmness, in clear and distinct groupings. Especially the table closest to the picture window where the County Party Chairman, who associated among only his small group of persons with whom he sat at table.

It was clearly divided in basic structure, but even though this report has no praise for the event, it also has no condemnation. The event structure is based upon formal acceptance of agreed conformity to group standards. In such a group and at such a time, it stands as the only viable option for association in these events.

That means no one rocks the boat at such events, but it was surprising to find no opposition with signs on the street chanting, “No to Nepotism and down with the Mayor!”

Word from the inside revealed the Mayor made up with the committee by giving into some kinds of concessions or compromise, which was an excellent move by the Mayor but one that would be exactly expected.

A person in his position who exhibits such a desire to lead and govern without opposition finds opposition at the party association level uncomfortable.

Interparty conflict does not have to remain considered undesirable, especially when understanding how the party has operated throughout the last 100 years. The families of before still fill the positions their parents worked at now for three generations.

While it is not necessary to subject them to a Mike Hudson’s Ghost Review, it is necessary to point out that the County Partly leader remained aloof, distant, cold and uninterested in any Reporter interaction even though three former email requests had asked for an interview.

The Niagara Falls Democrat Party chairlady also has not accepted a one-on-one interview.

In the absence of knowledge of what is going on and conflicting observations noted, it is most probable Democratic unity will be tested to a tipping point as the old paradigm, or the entrance of a new paradigm shift has taken hold, noted with the surge in Afro-American political participation in Niagara Falls, NY.

As it looks right now, with the split tickets, the mud-slinging in city council, the nepotism, and mission-minded activists, Humpty Dumpty confidence will be unable to resist the coming changes Niagara needs so badly which appears only a Republican Black Mayor can accomplish.

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