Social stratification in the USA defined Clearly in Niagara Falls, New York

Social stratification in the USA defined Clearly in Niagara Falls, New York

     No. 2

      Definitions and explanations

        Cause = Primordial

Hi, and welcome to our continued series on Social Stratification.

How it all Began

In the last article I spoke of a new era of progressive occurring change in political and social life affecting the way we interpret reality. There is a theory that political scientists have labeled the “Social construction of reality.” It refers to the way the world is because Humans made it that way!

We all have part in it even if we are the ones who get the undesirable end of the stick. In reality, if we get the stick, it falls across our backs!

This discourse relies upon a study of animal  behavior: a Value Program is primordial, meaning structured on a family like basis where the alpha character dictates and all else obey.

Among Niagara’s bureaucratic and political members, value programs demonstrate clearly what appears to be the principal cause for underdevelopment in Niagara Falls, NY.  

Niagara is a focal point for great interest! Past historic organised crime control by the “Buffalo Crime Family” which operated out of Niagara Falls, NY, played a role in its construction. 

Present conditions demonstrate indicators of who the people were who made the mistakes, the reasons for them, and the possible remedies we may apply to improve our future.

It is not likely our Niagara Falls Reporter media services, time, and participation will readily be accepted by present political sentiment within our community! Big business wields great power to influence a small rich political elite, some of whom are offspring of former Mafia families who share common bonds, and business initiatives.

We are not attacking the Mafia, it is dead. Our focus is upon what has caused the reasons for  social inequality in the land of the free and the brave, and how many are offended by these true facts!

           Times have changed!

To explain what causes social stratification in a small city like Niagara Falls, we first must have to understand Niagara Falls. It is a ‘microcosm.’

You can try understanding that by relating sounds:

micro = small,

cosim is not a word, but it does sound like cause, or cause-ism but in Latin it means,“Little world.”

The little world we live in in Niagara Falls, NY.

MAGA-ZINE       Franken-Zine Press Award 2014

We all know our world is made up of many little causes, many repetitive words; repetition of the same facts leads to people assuming such as being true, but it is due to the lies being repeated so often.

“Truth resisted loses its power over the mind!”

We have to research deeply, because repetitive patterns demonstrate our present and long successive past leadership have placed personal interests before the           Good of the People![1]

The easiest way to explain what Value Programs are is being sensitive to small details that indicate what and who.

City Cuntruller
                            It wasn’t me!

What exactly is a value program? In the former article, I stated it is a

First what is a world view?

A rational world view is a highly realistic one!” [2]

We understand a World View is ‘the way we see and interpret the world, what’s happening in it and what we think about it, or what you believe! But if what you believe has not been turned over in your mind and questioned, it becomes the repetition of things you have been told are true, and what has been considered unquestionable, like those who have led this city for decades, in their own estimation of what is right!

I mean, I almost lost my job as a cartoonist for expressing contrary viewpoints to the general belief because of the scandalous scene when my political cartoon got the Reporter News Paper kicked out of City Hall!

The graphic went against what others felt as “good taste,” but we are a             Franken-zine Press 3.

How it all began!

Again, what is a Value Program? In the furthest extent of the definition, as the authors of Clear and Present Thinking stated:

“A value program’s ideology is in great part devoted to justifying the inevitability of the condition of the oppressed.”

Think about that statement, it refers to gross inequality and undemocratic means to utilise government positions to promote Nephew-tism, crony-ism, and perpetuate rich political elite ethnic control presently leading Niagara Falls to-day!

The Niagara Falls legal department is an excellent demonstration of a group of persons who adhere to value programs.

It will take time to explain this; these are not new social science discoveries,   Feudalism for example, is a value program.

It is demonstrated clearly legal authority in the City if Niagara Falls,  Niagara County legislature, Democrat Political Party leadership at city and county levels, and New York State bureaucratic dominance by rich ethnic elite political families who cooperate with Mayor Restaino to keep the lower classes, meaning the Middle Class and Working Class down, contained, and controlled!

It’s going to take me a while to explain these opinions and interpretations correctly. I assume some people will read through some sentences and think, “WTF is this guy talking about placing three forms of the verb to be one after the other!

It’s to make you think!

The results of the authors’ conclusion in Clear and Present Thinkingdemonstrate what happens to people who fall on the wrong side because its rule is good and right. It’s victims must, it is believed, be at fault.”


  1. Patrick Whalen commentary, “Mayor Restaino is not working for the good of the community.”
  2. Myers, Elsby, Blatzer-Jaray, Semczszyn
  3. Word coined to honour Mr. Frank Parlato referring to Zine, meaning, small independent press publications  ‘Maga-Zine!’
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