Skrlin: I Become a Reporter, Flunk My First Assignment Walking Out on BS at Centennial Park Public Hearing


By Gerald Skrlin

Yeah, I’m a newspaper reporter; whoopie-hoo-hoo, I made it to my dreams, and what did I do?

I flunked my first assignment!

I was supposed to record the Eminnemce Doo-main public hearing initiated by our latest white-headed mayor, but I just could not sit there and listen to the shit Mr. Hog-son was throwing into the fan!

The same SoS as before!

I’ll get to the story, but I have to add my digs here because I feel I deserve to kick, shout, scream, yell, and bitch about all the shit we have endured these last 70 years, which what’s his name the ASSembly man spoke of!

There you go, you wanna criticize me? I just ended a phrase with a preposition!

Don’t forget, folks, I’m the whack-o, so watch how I whack some of these supposedly high-status individuals!

We can use some Trump tactics, like his #1 or maybe his #2

What is it?

Trump Dump

It didn’t ring a bell, but Jason Zona did.

Niagara Falls City Council Chambers

When I go to city hall, or when I started going to city hall, I always sat alone. Perhaps people think I’m a loon-er, but no one ever comes up to me and says, “Can I sit with you?”

When I go there, I show respect, and I hope for respectful treatment the same.

Don’t we give honor to whom honor is due, and reward those who we feel grateful to?

Acceptance into groups in our social society is an honor!

To be on a city committee also, but the sad news I have to report of my first failed assignment, I had to tell my editor, “I walked out of the meeting when I heard hog-shit, but I mistakenly blurted out at the hearing ‘bull-shit!'”

Don’t think I am proposing to help NFR, as a reporter I am supposed to report the facts,

I got jeers!

I also got the reporter kicked out of Shitty Hall! I also got Facebook messages that someone wouldn’t wipe their ass with the Reporter newspaper! It’ s only online now, folks!

They’s gonna get a pretty messy computer screens!

OK, now to the report. Mr. Hog-son got up there at the poodium, and spoke factoids, false facts, incomplete facts. But when he said, “People were going to be forced from their homes,” if the City accepted free parkland from Niagara Falls Redevelopment LLC [NFR], it was a LIE, a bare-faced LIE!

Niagara Falls Redevelopment LLC offered to save the City millions by donating this parcel for a local park. The Mayor said the land donation would require people to move out of their houses. It is factually untrue.

Ask Nix!

As much as he does not like Restrain-os, who have ‘houghed’ Niagara for decades! Hog-son presented Restainoz petition in a false light. Nix can tell you NFR drew a line excluding his house and property, which is one of the very few residences within the proposed parkland Niagara Falls Redevelopment offered to donate to the City if the mayor backed off trying to force the sale of its land through eminent domain.

The City (the inner clique) of Niagara Falls had determined many years ago not to develop the present wasteland. People living there are the diehards, poor land speculators who want millions of dollars for their properties.

It is the City that had given NFR the right to purchase the properties which The City took from Everyone Living There Under The Original Eminent Domain Program. 

They were legal sales of private property, but it was the City that took the permanent rights of those who owned mostly run-down ghetto slum homes, and the remaining homes fall under the same original scheme.

It was a faux pas, which means a false pass, like what former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is accused of, asking an aid about her sex life!

It is surprising how uncaring and unsupportive our High Status leading elected and appointed šity officials are!!!!

What is more surprising is how they purposefully ignore the mandate of the people.

It must sound too socialist or communist sounding. After all, they consider us poor, ignorant, and credulous.

The majority of the city council is surely credulous. They are captivated and anchored psychologically on Restainos’ ‘High Status Intrigue’, and blinded the same by his blindness. None of them can recognize when a multitude of people are calling out against his adamant pushing for an eminent domain lawsuit against Millstein, but he will find “a mill-stein hung around his neck and cast into the sea for offending these little ones!”

Mayor Robert Restaino

The Mayor has, from the time he entered office, used methods designed with intricate secretive procedures and measures to confound people’s thoughts.

That’s how Restrain-o weaseled giving away 2nd St. to the state by overloading the agenda with minor issues while at the same time persuading council members, saying not enough people are speaking, so we “Have to reduce council meetings to once a month!”

That’s how he did it!

You should have seen the look in Tony Restrain-o’s eyes when he and his Mayor brother pulled the biggest trick of all time on the Shitty Council, when the Council overwhelmingly voted yes to approve Tony’s already responsibility or right as City Administrator to appoint Clifford Scott into Community Development directorship!

He was elated. His eyes shone brilliantly with delight and pleasant surprise, but why? Read the charter. It states the Administrator has the responsibility to appoint a Community Development director.

OK, ask yourself, why did this make an agenda item when he had the right to do it anyway?

The answer is because of NYS nepotism laws. Nobody caught it, not even the Buffalo News political science reporter! An appointee must have the consent of the Council when it comes to family relatives, etc., which would demonstrate nepotistic dominance of political culture. Tony was appointed City Administrator, and according to law, the nepotistic relationship between him and his brother, the Mayor, required further legal justification to conform to NYS Law.

The Mayor couldn’t appoint his brother unless the City Council approved it. But did he explain that?

Talk about Bull-shit!

Look at Mayor Robert Restaino’s cognitive composure, his psychological makeup, what he thinks, what he feels.

We find one of the most highly respected persons in Niagara County fixated in a psychological prison he has constructed in his superior ethnic Political Family Value Program faulty worldview thought.

He had everything necessary to become the Greatest Mayor Niagara has ever had, but he lost it.

As Nix said, “He is too proud to back down.”

This appears to be true, but who are the greatest winners, push or shove, win or lose? His close lawyer good buddies, persons whom he, his brother, daughter, family, and personal circle of friends associate with!

Plain and simple, even if he loses the election, which seems more probable every day, let’s hope he’s on his way!

The Flub Judge!

The Restaino name can be found documented in local politics throughout the last 70 years in Niagara.

Think of it, folks, how does society work?

Children follow in the paths their parents prepare them to follow. In the case of our present “Guvnoers,” as Rob said, “Who is more prepared to guvern?”

We find that is exactly what has happened. The original immigrant family instituted and hatched a plan to ensure their family governs, rules; and the extent to which the Mayor of Niagara Falls, New York, Robert Restaino, has carried it out amounts to Dictatorship, Mr. Muscleino, Mr. Bully Law.

If the law permits, that’s the Shits!

I walked out of the eminent domain public hearing because I was not going to sit and listen to LIES!

Plain and simple, the meeting was a repetition of the same factoids stated by Restaino and his entourage, and the most surprising, the most astounding, and unimaginable is,


It is the truth, the way they see it, through the Total Sum of their Knowledge, which they express and support among themselves. Everyone knows about the Niagara City Hall clique structures.

Even Kenny Hamilton said, “I thinks of it, but I’m not in the clique,” when I told him he had a very good chance to run for Mayor because of name recognition!

It’s time to resurrect Mike Hudson’s ghost!!!!!!!

Observing Restaino’s face, it is possible to see how the effects of poo-litics are affecting him and his brother, Strunk and Strunk!

They cannot escape the mold in which they have been cast. The aggregate, the substance of their cognitive makeup solidified too many years ago! They have always been at the top, and now $500-a-plate campaign dinners to them are commonplace meetings among olde goode friends who have now come together jointly to CONTROL, much less to govern!!!?

The Mayor is cognitively, psychologically tidally locked in position as the Moon is; we only see his one face. We understand his legal experience makes him a master of deception.


Will Restaino silence everyone like he did me?

Is he good for four more years,

ring, ring, ting-a-ling,

Elections are coming up, and we shall see!

I tell my story well,

No one can un-ring a bell!

He cut off my New York State Constitutional Rights, denying me free speech opinions on Shitennial Barf!

FOIA or foil requests: not one answered.

Let’s face it, folks, you have become Bamboozled by one of the greatest bamboozalino artist in the country, a man who in spite of all the opposition, in spite of all professional reports, he opts to push his personal agenda forward all by himself and the aid of his family members.

When I interviewed Clifford Scott, he asked me why I was asking him and not the man at the top. He said he did not even know there was going to be a special meeting that Wednesday!


Then who is the F-ing City, as Rob refers to constantly saying,

“The City has decided!” 

Scott revealed Restaino is doing it alone, that it was his own initiative involving his brother in their Strunk and Strunk mentality, demonstrating the Mayor has abused his power to promote his own agendas to benefit his iron triangle industrial supporters.

Anyone can take out a constitutional lawsuit against his official abuse of emergency meetings that that place prior restraint on free speech.

They would have a pretty good chance of winning! Just takes ten years!

I suppose the next time I go to city hall, I will have to tape my mouth closed if I want to get the full story!

In the case of what I heard Hog-son and those in favor of a Centennial Park, what is the 100-year period dedicated to?

100 years ago, what was here? Mafia control of retail commerce while heavy industry kept their incursions at bay?

Wednesday’s story

In all fairness to reporting to my now fellow journalists with press badges and unpressed trousers, it was a repetition of the same old story, and when people hear the same old story the SoS over and over again, they begin to believe it is true!

Stick around for the reason why?

Let’s hope that people speak out against the SoS, If feelings of entitlement cast Sheldon Silver to his ruin when his illegal dealings finally came back down on him, history demonstrates over and over again, “hubris, pride, and a haughty spirit come before a fall!” 

Value programs blind them to believe they are entitled to POWER. 

As happened to Sheldon Silver, who claimed his feelings of entitlement cast his ruin when his illegal dealings finally came back down on him, history demonstrates over and over again, “hubris, pride, and a haughty spirit come before a fall!”

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