Residents ‘Jump In’ on Memorial Pool Discussion

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

North Tonawanda residents took a dive into a study that was conducted on ways to improve Memorial Pool on Tuesday September 18th.

Residents packed City as members of the Park Department asked residents to vote – using fake money – on what improvements they would like to see made.

“The reason we are here at this workshop today is to discuss the results of a four-part feasibility study that was conducted,” said Alex Domaradzki. “We are not saying that we’re getting rid of the pool, but we are also not saying it’s staying. Rather, we want to hear what the public has to say on what they would like to see done.”



Residents were encouraged to put the fake money in the box that they thought would be best for the Memorial Pool. A few options included “more swimming lessons,” “more community events” and even an option to get rid of the pool altogether.

For some, it’s not events at the pool that concern them but the overall appearance of the structure that they would like to see changed.

“I would like to see it more updated,” said Al Testa, North Tonawanda resident. “Possibly something that is a little more community friendly. The pool is really old – it’s dated – and I think it has served its purpose.”



Other say they would like to see the pool moved to a different location altogether.

“We need a new pool that has a better slide,” said June Jordan, North Tonawanda resident. “I also think it shouldn’t be so close to the street.”

Another option is to get rid of the pool altogether, but city officials seemed hesitant to jump on the bandwagon.

“Before anything is decided – and especially if the decision is to get rid of the pool – we need to hear from residents and see what they want in its place,” said Common Council President Eric Zadzilka.

The next step is for members of the Park Department to present a proposal to the Common Council at a meeting in the near future.

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