Remember I Wrote Recently; “Obama – Be Alert For Outrageous Executive Orders!”?

Well here we go…He “Directed” (not an Executive Order yet, but close!) schools to allow transgenders to use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable using! North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed NC House Bill 2 requiring citizens to use facilities that correspond to their biological sex then Obama’s DOJ sued North Carolina and is going to waste our tax dollars with a lawsuit over which toilet to pee in! You people who voted for this MORON should be very, very proud! Global Warming and toilet choice are more important issues to him than our economy, jobs and defending us from Radical Islam!

Every State in the Union has laws requiring men to use men’s bathrooms and woman to use lady’s bathrooms! Laws run from lewd and lascivious behavior to exposing one’s self in public to disorderly conduct. This moron, occupying the Office of the President, is again going to make  law by Executive Orders, a job that is VERY specifically reserved for Congress but it isn’t even a law that a normal person, a majority of our citizens, a majority of ANY political party nor anyone but a few perverts and sex offenders would endorse! It is Barry’s way to divert attention from a very important Presidential Race that he fears… he knows his party WILL LOSE…and lose they will. Any Republican who wins will come after him for the Acts Of Treason he has committed! That is also why he is looking for a house where he will be safe from extradition! He is, literally, fighting for his life! Treason is a Capital crime!

I’m calling for the Police Departments across America to join together to fight any Executive Order of this nature by this MORON! Police Officers should ARREST any man or woman caught in, entering or exiting the wrong restroom no matter what this MORON says before another innocent child is “hurt”! The toughest cases for lawmen to work are those involving the abuse of a young child. I didn’t work many, thank God, but the few I did work were enough!

My opinion: I personally don’t care what an adult does behind closed doors but I do care what an adult does to a child under the guise or even real desires to be someone THEY ARE NOT… Yet! You want to be a woman, then have your male genitalia removed, THEN you can be a girl and go into a lady’s restroom/locker or be something you are NOT!  If it has a penis, it’s a man !

I understand why, during the past 7 1/2 years, Obama committed ACTS that we NORMAL CITIZENS call Treason, Sabotage, Espionage, Stupid , Nuts,  and a multitude of other adjectives that refer to his attempts to destroy our Nation!

In my opinion OBAMA WAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A RADICAL ISLAMIC MUSLIM!!! He has said it many times but only a few of us were listening, back then,  HOPEFULLY, almost ALL of us are listening NOW!

Regarding this latest pre-Executive Order, remember this has NOTHING to do with looking out for the poor transgender or the sexually confused. It has to do with diverting attention away from a very important election, an election that HIS LIFE DEPENDS UPON… LITERALLY! It is self preservation! He cares ONLY about I “thing”… Islam! If you come to this realization then everything he has said and done, makes sense!

In my opinion, why else would he make a deal with the devil…Hillary?

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