Real Estate Sales in North Tonawanda Soaring

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Experts say real estate sales across North Tonawanda are soaring. At Town Housing Real Estate Jeremy Ballsmith says after a decline in years past sales are picking up again, especially around the Oliver Street area.

“I think North Tonawanda is becoming more popular because of all of the development on Webster Street, you have things like Webster’s Bistro, Club 62, and that drives people in and then over on Sweeney you have the Remington Lofts, and the Remington Tavern, Dockside, so I think there is just a lot of emphasis because the area is growing and it is fairly accessible and just being close to the river that is a nice part too,” said Ballsmith.

That combined with it being a fairly safe area, he says there is an increase in both single-family homes says and as well as apartment rentals. “The rental market is stronger, before where you would see a single studio apartment go for 350 or 375, we are now seeing 450, even as high as 600 with utilities included, so rental rates are going much higher, “said Ballsmith.

The City investing in development along with property owners investing in the units they own is drawing people of all ages from the City to North Tonawanda, making it an attracting area to move into. “I think in Western New York everything is moving out from the City just because of the amount of growth, I think naturally you are going to see that push through North Tonawanda, even further into Niagara Falls. It is reasonably safe and young professionals do not want to spend 2000 dollars on an apartment in downtown. They would rather have the 20-minute commute and spend 750,” said Ballsmith.

He says the prices could continue to increase as more people discover the hidden beauty in North Tonawanda.

“The rates could continue to increase, I mean I have a 2 bedroom on Oliver Street, that I am asking 850 for, so we will see, I would not be surprised. I have been single family homes go for 1250 and certainly I could see it going higher,” said Ballsmith.

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