Project Pride Beautifies North Tonawanda

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Webster Street in North Tonawanda is looking a little brighter thanks to members of Project Pride. All day they filled the flower boxes with everything from vine plants to petunias. Money to pay for the plants came from a number of fundraisers they had.

All of the planters are sponsored too, helping to beautify not only the garden box but the whole street.

“This weekend we are planting all of the planters on both Webster Street and Oliver Street, it is a two-day event. We have business owners and community members are really people of all ages helping out,” said one elected official.

In addition to helping the area looking better many volunteers say they also fell better just knowing they are taking one small step to improving North Tonawanda.

“I live here, I moved here and I want it to be a nice place to live. It’s little things like this that really helps people coming here, there is a lot of foot traffic in this area. In general, the community is trying to get more people to go to Oliver Street and if the street looks nice people are going to go,” said Cristin Durby, From North Tonawanda.

Bringing increased foot traffic into the area and hopefully into the many small business in the area.

“We want to have plants that have a fullness and color and height so that when people pull into our businesses and our business corridor they will be seeing their beautiful floral displays in all of these boxes that line our streets,” said Barbara Hughes, Project Pride Volunteer.

Helping to make improvements to North Tonawanda one plant at a time.

“Today we are planting in the planter boxes, these have been sponsored by business and individual people, so today we are putting in some annuals. It is a beautician project, we are a destination point and we like to have it welcoming when people come in,” said Donna Burgio, North Tonawanda Resident.










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