President-elect Trump to select next US Attorney

Now that Donald Trump has been elected president his administration will select the next US Attorney for the Western District of New York.

A few names have emerged.

Sources say a decision has not been made.

First, to dispel a rumor – former New York State Attorney General and former US Attorney Dennis Vacco is not going to be the next US Attorney.

Although he might likely have the position if he wanted it, he doesn’t.

Vacco is a partner in the law firm of Lippes Mathias.

However, there is little doubt that Vacco, one of the highest ranking Republicans in the area, will have a major say over who will be named for the position.

After William Hochul retired recently, his top assistant, James P. Kennedy was named the acting US Attorney.

Kennedy will remain in the position until the next US Attorney is appointed, which could occur as early as late January.

Trump supporters such as Carl Paladino, Ralph Lorigo, Vacco, the Niagara County Republican party, and a large contingent of Republicans in Erie County will most certainly have some say over who will be appointed.

Topping the list of candidates, according to some sources, is Lancaster town judge Jeremy Colby. Colby is a former confidential law clerk to the late U.S. District Judge John T. Elfvin and served as Erie County attorney under former Erie County Executive Chris Collins.

He has considerable legal experience in representing municipalities, school districts and law enforcement.

Jeremy Colby

Jeremy Colby

Sources also say Acting US Attorney Kennedy is desirous of being named US Attorney.

Kennedy worked as the Confidential Law Assistant to the late Honorable Michael F. Dillon and Honorable M. Dolores Denman, Presiding Justices, New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Fourth Department.  In 1992, he was hired by then United States Attorney Dennis Vacco to serve as an Assistant United States Attorney.

Another Assistant US Attorney whose name has been mentioned as a serious candidate for the position is Richard Resnick, who is the Attorney-in-Charge of the Rochester Branch Office of the US Attorney’s office. Resnick has been with the office since 1994.

Resnick had been under consideration by the Obama administration for US Attorney. Instead the administration chose Hochul.

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