Pinewoods Park Easter Egg Hunt in North Tonawanda

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Kids were searching under rocks and leaves to find eggs this past weekend in North Tonawanda. It’s all part of the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Pinewoods Park. 

On Saturday hundreds of people from North Tonawanda and beyond gathered to take part in the event. This year there were more than four thousand eggs hidden for children to find. In addition to eggs there was also a petting zoo for the kids to enjoy.

“This year the Alpaca’s are here and we have a photo booth for kids to take pictures with the Easter Bunny,” said Pam Hogan, Event Organizer. “We have increased the amount of eggs by a thousand and it is a great family-friendly event.”

In addition to regular eggs there was also golden eggs filled with a host of unique prizes. The event is sponsored by the Park Department and was free for kids twelve and under to participate in.

For more than thirty years organizers have been holding the event. This year a toddler area was added. The eggs were scattered everywhere for kids to try and find.

“Half of the eggs have little pieces of candy and the other half has toys in them,” said Hogan. “Some of the eggs even have little signs that say come get a free chocolate sucker and come get a chocolate bunny. The chocolate bunnies were donated by Platter’s Chocolates.


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