Pieces of History Are Up For Sale in North Tonawanda

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

The North Tonawanda History Museum announced it is selling of some of its items. Because of the recent court cause the Museum is being forced to move from its Webster Street location to a location on Oliver Street. Executive Director Howard Roeske says they have been packing up some of the stuff and then selling the stuff that they do not have room for at the new location, for him seeing some of the unique artifacts from North Tonawanda is bittersweet. “I have mixed feelings cause some of the things were made here or have significant historical value to the area, on the other hand, prior to a couple of years ago anything that was brought to the door was accepted and it should not have been, so those things I am not sorry to see go,” said Roeske.

Items from the 1930’s, through the 1960’s are up for sale and includes everything from books to even an old may tag washing machine. They are being sold for cash only and on a first come first serve basis.

The move is not finalized yet and they only have until June 4rd to get into the new space. Roeske says once they get into the space it will then be about another 3 weeks to move everything into the new space. He describes the move as being broken down into a three-step process, “The first phase is over and that is packing the things we will need for the new home. The second phase is to eliminate the things that we are not going forward with, that include a lot of store fixtures, furnishing, file cabinets, chairs, etc., and some artifacts,” said Roeske.

The third and last step of this first phase will be the actual moving of the museums artifacts and records to the new location. Then the second phase of the project will begin including edifice modification and creating new displays.

Money raised from the sale will be used for preservation and display of the retained artifacts and acquiring future artifacts. Pick up times for large items purchased will be arranged at sale time. Smaller items may be taken immediately.

For some shoppers getting a chance to buy some of these items is a once in a lifetime opportunity. “I just wanted to see what was for sale. The History Museum is a great place and I hate to see it leave Webster Street. I love North Tonawanda history, so I thought if there was anything that got my attention I would grab it,” said Jay Soemann, North Tonawanda Resident.


That final phase is expected to be complete after 10 to 12 weeks with the opening of the re-born museum to be in the second half of September. Following the grand reopening, a robust autumn and winter set of events will be taking place.

Persons willing to donate the use of a vehicle for moving, to assist in moving, or to become members of the museum may phone anytime (716) 213-0554 or send an email to NTHistoryMuseum@AOL.com.








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