People’s Voice Edition: North Tonawanda Waterfront

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Geoffrey Snyder: Nor the fact that the long-defunct Metro bus #56 River Road route used to go right by there, and take folks from Tonawanda to the NF Airport Transit Center, instead of going all the way to downtown Buffalo to get to NF. Gratwick is a long walk from any current Metro bus routes.


Carolyn Withey Higgins: A permanent restroom facility would be great along with some trees.


Tom Behm: Some shade trees wouldn’t hurt someday.


Tim Bozek: That whole side of town is like that. The bathrooms are rarely open at fishermen’s / veterans Park just down the road. One 4th of July my little girls had to use the bathroom and the port-o-potty was less than an inch from over flowing, some guy came out before we were going to use it and was dry heaving it was that gross. I had to take them home.


Susan Witkopf Mutton: TREES!


Tim Downey: Or some walking paths that lead to the park from the dangerous intersection they want you to cross River road.





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