PAPPAS: “We all Need to Pull Together at this Critical Time”

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By: Arthur Pappas

Mayor of North Tonawanda

Thank you to the NT residents for your commitment to combating COVID 19 by following all guidelines set by the Federal, State, and local governments.  By adhering to the rules set forth and staying in we will get through this pandemic quicker and hopefully healthy.

I continue to be in contact with all local departments and with County officials who recommend no more than 5 people together.  As everyone is advised to stay in, I am doing the same and working primarily from my home.  This is a total inconvenience but necessary for me to set an example of self- discipline.  We all need to pull together at this critical time.

There are those who wish to ignore the rules and think restrictive measures are not necessary.  However, as your Mayor, I am required to make decisions for the welfare of the citizens.  My directives are in line with consultation with the County health department, the Police and Fire Chiefs, the Governor’s executive orders and the City legal department.  Activities outside are not promoted due to the confinement of all residents.

As a former teacher my whole life, I embrace activities for children but at the same time need to consider their safety and health as well as their family members.  The number of cases continues to rise however, and to date Niagara County fares far better with 130 positive tests with 15 of those in NT as compared to Erie county with over 1,000 cases to date.  This can be attributed to residents practicing social distancing, sanitizing and staying in when possible.  As the weather improves it is understandable that adults and especially children, will want to go outside to enjoy nice weather.  However, parents please continue to impress upon the young people that we must continue to engage in this isolated lifestyle a little longer for everyone’s sake.

This is a difficult time for all of us to change our routines and our regular life patterns.  We are doing well so we need to continue our efforts in the next critical weeks ahead.  It has been recommended that you keep a regular schedule, get fresh air/exercise, develop a hobby, keep in contact distantly with others and listen to the experts.

With previous notification the Bulk Pick Up for April due to low staffing in the DPW was cancelled.  However, if you have something you need to dispose of, you may call the DPW to set up an appointment to drop the items off at the DPW at that scheduled time.  Please stay in, stay strong, and stay well.  The Niagara County emergency number is 285 3185 for assistance.


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