Pappas Provides Update to North Tonawanda Residents Amid COVID-19 Pandemic on May 30th, 2020

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North Tonawanda City Hall


By: Arthur Pappas

Mayor of North Tonawanda

With the coming of Flag Day, June 14thwe may think of the symbol it stands for and how it is flown.  As an example, the US Flag on Memorial Day has special rules.  The flag is to be hoisted from sunrise to noon at half-staff to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  From noon to sunset the flag is to be raised to full staff to honor our nations living heroes.

Currently, we are enduring an unprecedented war on the COVID 19.  These are other heroes who have died fighting this war for people’s health and life.  Not only the medical professionals but also first responders who continually put their lives on the line daily.  This is a time to memorialize those fallen individuals who also made the extreme sacrifice fighting the war on the virus.


North Tonawanda Mayor Art Pappas


Our focus should be on ALL individuals who gave us the way of life we should be grateful for and honor anyone who served our country or our families in some way.  The US Flag represents our bravery, perseverance, and high ideals all the qualities of the American spirit.  It is that spirit which is helping us through this critical time in history.

According to Niagara County the infection rate is decreasing half below the State average which puts us on the right path going toward Phase II.  Garage/yard sales are prohibited, and veterinary clinics may be open for full service with State campgrounds open as well by Ex. Order.  Market Street at the City market will be closed allowing the vendors to spread out providing more space for social distancing.  Everyone please abide by the Governor’s new executive order to wear a mask when entering a business.

This is a time for every resident to look at the bigger picture that we are involved in today.  Residents can show their pride for our City and Country by observing the holidays following rules set forth. In as much as we are not enjoying the isolated life to which we are unaccustomed we need to pull together as one community.  Hopefully, better days will come just as the better weather has arrived so everyone can feel safe and healthy.


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